Mini 2 controller problem

Hi , Been a couple months since used my Mini2.Tried to switch on controller but nothing.Plugged charger in and 1 green light came on then all 4 came on for few seconds then went off.Just doesn’t want to charge for some reason.Can anyone help with this. Thanks in advance…

How old is it, do you have care refresh as it sound like the battery has dropped to low and the BMS has disabled it


Hi, I got it last May so still under warranty.But not used it much…It will connect to drone with usb plugged into controller but as soon as you unplug usb controller just dies .

Try leaving it plugged in to the charger for a few hours, if that doesn’t work which honestly I don’t think it will you will need to contact DJI support

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Thanks so much…It seems like battery has died.As I said only used it 3 or 4 times in 7 months .Drone batteries are charging fine but controller battery seems dead.I will as you said leave it plugged into charger see if it wakes up but not holding my breath… Thankfully still under warranty…Thanks again…:+1::+1: