Mini 2 fly more combo With extras [SOLD]

Reluctantly listing my mini 2 fly more combo.

Comes with original box
Mini 2 drone - wrapped in luminous yellow wrap for extra visibility (easily removed)
Controller (also wrapped)
3 batteries (fly more kit)
Carry bag
Charging cables
Set of filters
Spare props & sticks.

More photos to follow -

£400 Ono
Collection Doncaster or post at cost.

Any serious offers welcome


Love it just needs a blue strobe on top mate :+1:t3:

Will see if they do them for the mini 1

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Was tempted to get some led on it.

Maybe the new owner could.

Very visible when flying

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It would shit the little scrots up who doss on the park at the nack of my house :rofl::+1:t3:

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Well if your tempted I’d even deliver it to you :joy:

how old is it ?

how many flight hours has it done ?

how many charge cycles as the batteries ?

can you remove the stickers as I look terrible.


It’s around 18 months old.

10 hours of flight time.

Battery 1 6 cycles
Battery 2 6 cycles
Battery 3 12 cycles

Stickers could come off easily if you wanted to do

I can vouch for this drone and of course @Howard78


thanks for the reply, just a little bit too old for my liking . fair enough, wish you all the best .

No problem at all.

It’s never been crashed.
Has been maintained in line with the Airdata maintenance schedule.

Has DJI care in place until Jan 23. Has been covered since new.

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Apologies, flight time is combined for all of my drones.

Correct time and stats below from air data

More photos

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In my opinion, air time, distance and crashes are what counts, not the age.

Example: my Mini 2 is less than 6 months old. It has about 20 hours and 200 km on it … and about 4,329 crashes* :persevere:

* DJI Care Refresh hate me


Couldn’t agree more.

I’ve more drones than I care to mention but love fpv more than just taking pictures.

My mini has been used for lots of picture opportunities when out with the family or at drone events.

But has hardly been used compared with my DJI fpv.

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Lol Im good for camera drones thanks mate but still trawling Ebay to snaffle a bargain :+1:t3:

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Always worth asking mate!

I’m trying to stop doing that.
7 fpv drones and several that need building.
At least I’ve got something to do when the weather gets shit!

Don’t forget it yours is good at tree closeups :rofl::rofl:

Now Sold