Mini 2 - High Wind & Speed Tests (Atti Mode)

Storm Malik has hit the UK, so I decided to see how the DJI Mini 2 copes with the wind and perform several speed tests :wind_face:

The speed test results have already been shared in the Breaking the Speed Limit thread. This video captures those speed tests, how fast the Mini 2 flew compared to DJI’s advertised top speed of 35.7 mph, and it shows what happened to my Mini 2 as a result :grimacing:

It is also explains why I was awarded the Plonker Badge :man_facepalming:

Disclaimer: I am sharing this for educational and test purposes only. I perform the tests in wide open empty countryside, with no-one and nothing around me. I do so at my own risk. I do not encourage that anyone tries this themselves, and if you choose to do so, I take no responsibility.

Speed tests markers in the video:

  • 02:32 - 06 Feb 2022: Adam’s Grave @ 285m / 935ft
  • 08:19 - 06 Feb 2022: Broad Hinton @ 192m / 630ft
  • 10:35 - 06 Feb 2022: Hackpen Hill @ 272m / 892ft
  • 13:48 - 06 Feb 2022: Barbury Castle @ 262m / 860ft
  • 16:50 - 30 Dec 2021: Barbury Castle @ 262m / 860ft

ATTI mode is the mode that the drone switches to when things go wrong. Your drone may lose GPS reception when it flies near a strong source of signal interference. When this happens, you can suddenly lose the GPS stabilisation feature that you have heavily relied on.

Steps I used for adding Atti Mode to the DJI Mini 2

01: Register and buy you unlock license at Drone Hacks
02: Download the Windows 10 (or Mac) Drone Hacks software
03: Install and run it, enter your email and password
04: Get a USB C cable connected to your PC
05: Power on your Mini 2, as soon as it beeps, plug the USB C lead into the drone
06: If OK, it will say there is an available license to use, do you wish to apply it, select OK
07: Apply both Hacks on the Hacking tab, follow the instructions.
08: At this point I would perform a test flight, and make sure the hack has taken
09: Then, back in the tool with the Mini 2 connected, select the Hack Parameters tab
10: Then select the Advanced Parameters button
11: Search for ‘mode’, there should be 3 similar Flight switch position parameters …

  • fswitch_selection|g_config_control_control_mode[0] = Tripod : factory value = 12 (Tripod)
  • fswitch_selection|g_config_control_control_mode[1] = Sport: factory value = 8 (Sport)
  • fswitch_selection|g_config_control_control_mode[2] Position (GPS): factory value =7 (Position)

12: Change Tripod value from 12 to 3, as 3 = Attitude Mode
13: Save and then select Write Parameters to Drone (or something like that).

For Steps 1-7, thats the basic applying of the Drone Hack, they have YT videos on the Drone Hacks website showing you how to do that. Very helpful.


Just to Add you don’t need to purchase a License, the parameters tab is a free option to hack your drone

Great Video Chris, but I must say you are mad :joy: :+1:

Oh wow, I never knew that. So folks could download the software and access Advanced Parameters without paying anything?

Not you too. The wife says that on a daily basis :laughing:

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HAHA! don’t blame me :joy: :see_no_evil: Great video mate, well presented and awesome sound track too! :ok_hand: love waiting for your videos now! :raised_hands:

I wasn’t going to mention it … and was just going to wait for you to find out :rofl:

Obviously, I don’t blame you (entirely) :wink:

Loved the video that’s some wind it flew in, fantastic speeds, think your totally crackers but I like it, keep up the good/ great work, long live superglue long live mini 2, :+1:

Thanks Steven! A welshman … crackers, nah :joy: Glad you liked it, I had great fun making it. Despite taking a couple days to film and another 12 hours to edit :grimacing:

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Great video Chris, you mad man! Glad to see you have the same problem with those crap new style NT stickers…their ‘clingability’ is awful!

Cheers Nik! It would have been a waste not to make use of all that wind :wink: Their new NT stickers are crap, almost as crap as their non-drone policy :joy:

Very well produced. Great soundtrack. Bit of dubstep always goes down a treat in the countryside.

You’re too kind, Ade! Can’t lie, that was a challenge to put together. Still, all worth it if you enjoyed it. Equally glad to hear the dubstep worked :wink: I like it, but I know music is subjective. I think it complements speed tests nicely :joy:

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It felt very ‘TopGear’ I’ll let you decide if that’s compliment or not! :smiley:

I’ll take that :clap:

@clinkadink ….Nah not that windy unless that caps superglued on !

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Ironically, there is some truth in that. When the hat arrived, it was too small for my head, I had to use a heat gun to stretch the plastic strap at the back - which helped, but it’s still blummin’ tight! :joy:

I do like your 'atti’tude to getting the most out of your mini 2. A lot to learn from your video but not for me - I must confess I take my drone flying at a steady pace which matches my age. I still have the Dan Dare streak in me but the mind doesn’t react the way I would like it. Loved the music, commentary and editing.

Thanks for this evening’s entertainment and learning.

Thanks Barrie! I see what you did there, atti-tude :sweat_smile: I’ve always been a tad adventurous, don’t mind pushing it that bit further. My body is rebelling too. On paper, I should be shedding weight, instead, the Mini 2 is :confounded: Good to hear you liked the music too. I am trying to improve each time, but have a long way to go - but it’s all good fun :+1:

Out of interest what were you using to keep the camera steady from the passenger seat? How many cameras were in the car, or were you just moving the Pocket 2 about?

I’m always curious how people put this stuff together.

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I just use this, £8 … bargain :wink:

Just the one, the Pocket 2 :wink: I just wait for a junction, or pull in, and stick it to the side window or windscreen.

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