Mini 2 - No live video feed to screen - please help!


Not sure if anyone can help, I’m probably missing something obvious as I’m fairly new to drones.

DJI Mini 2, latest firmware updates installed, iPhone XR, deleted and reinstalled fly app, also tried my wife’s XR too, using rc that came with the flymore combo.

Flying yesterday, live video disappeared, just a grey screen, but flight info. camera settings, grid lines and histogram all displayed fine; map view fine, just no video relay from drone; can still take photos and video recorded to card, but these don’t display in the fly app album.

Deleted and reinstalled fly app, tried my wife’s phone, tried a different usb c to lightning lead.

I’ve tried searching but can’t seem to find anything specific?

Anyone got any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

First, I would probably try another cable


Then I’d uninstall and reinstall the app.

I never let it update itself, I always go down the route above.

He already done that :man_shrugging:

Oops speed read that ;o(, make sure you do a soft reset between the steps


Do you have an Andriod device you could try

@milkmanchris didn’t think of this one :rofl:


@milkmanchris isn’t capable of typing those words. :stuck_out_tongue:


Could be a dodgy ribbon cable on the gimbal @DEM :thinking:


Because that’s the most stable platform for anything DJI :wink:

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Indeed - everything in the drone is Android, so it makes sense.

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Hi Guys,

Thanks for the suggestions; I’m in Spain at the moment and don’t have the other connector leads with me but will try to get someone with a different iPhone (not XR) to try it.

Regarding the ribbon cable; would it still be able to take video and images to the card if so?

Also, I can’t understand how it can take images, save to the card, but the images don’t show in the dji fly app, or on the phone?

I’ve noticed that switching between the video and photos doesn’t change the size of the grey area, as it usually does switching between video and photos?

The only issue is the live video feed!

If the video and images are being written to the SD card then I would hazard a guess that the drone is ok

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Presumably, if I can take photos/ start & stop video and the flight data, camera settings, map view etc. all work ok, then the rc is working?

I don’t really understand how the drone/rc talks to the phone (Bluetooth, occusync, cable) but it seems like the video/images are not being transmitted from the drone/rc to the phone, yet the other information is!

I’ve also updated the phone to iOS 15 thinking that may overwrite any glitch, but still doesn’t work :pensive:

Is it still under warranty or do you have care refresh as it might be worth raising a ticket with DJI

The transmission is by the cable to the phone from the RC so the weak link is the cable and the phone’s socket

The iOS app seems to be solid with all the issues related to android

You could try refreshing the drone and RC firmware

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It’s still under warranty and I bought it from Argos as they tend to be good at replacing stuff.

As you say probably worth reinstalling the firmware to the drone and RC but not sure how to do that as they’re both up to date; I’ll have to research on the web!

Many thanks for your suggestions :+1:

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Thanks for that, I’m just trying that now :crossed_fingers:

Should I do the same with the RC?


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I tried refreshing the current drone firmware and tested it; no difference :unamused:

I then decided to downgrade the firmware to the previous version and I’ve got the video feed back :sunglasses:

The question now is do I update to the current version, or leave it?

I suppose I could update and can always downgrade again?