Mini 2 Problems Activating- Checking refresh

Just purchased Mini 2 from jessops purchased with it 2 year refresh package. Tryring to register drone on dji site and also to check that refresh is active. keep putting the drone serial number in and It come up incorrect serial number. I am copying and pasting serial number each time. Struggling dont want to attempt to fly untill I know refresh active.Can anyone please help

Have you had the confirm email from DJI care ?

Which serial number?

Daft as it may sound, don’t use the serial number on the box…

DJI will want the Flight Controller serial number.

With the drone turned on and connected to your controller, you can find this in the “About” section of your DJI Fly app.

Just checked mine, they ask for gimbal SN too.

Turn it all on register/activate it in the app then try again with the care refresh

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Cheers Chris :+1:t2:

@john768 it’s all bundled together here:

Not had any e mail from dji.drone was delivered Friday

Maybe being logged into instead of is not recognising the serial.

Have you activated ? You’ll need a DJI account and power up the drone

I will check that thanks


Would appear there is only and no dji uk


I had problems with when buying refresh packages in the past and claiming it not recognising my serial, when buying it was in dollars so logged out then like today just testing found the address below. I was using my mobile.

I know it’s a pain hope all goes well

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I bought the 2 year refresh package from Jessops only to be told that they don’t do them after charging me. I’d give them a call to confirm if the 2 year deal is actually available as you only have 48hrs to activate the refresh after connecting your drone to the app.

Was that a recent purchase? Were you able to activate drone?

Contacted dji NL by phone they cannot find the serial number on their system. they have requested proof of purchase together with serial number. I have e mailed it to them await update

Which serial number?

Serial number of the drone

I didn’t think you gave them the serial number of your fridge :blush:

Which drone serial? The flight controller module itself, taken from within the Fly app? Or the gimbal serial? etc?

Serial from the drone,same as serial on base of box

I’ll refer you back to this earlier post:

will try it with controller serial number.Thanks,
Just tried it with serial from controller remote… computer says no.