Mini 2 props not spinning fast enough but nothing in the logs

Flying out of the garden tonight with battery #2, had already flown with battery #2 a few minutes earlier but it was a bit too early for the sunset. No wind, temp must have been around 3-4C. Auto take-off from the same surface as a few other flights, glass topped table.

Props only spun fast enough to just lift it off the table. I realised something was adrift so straight back on the table. Tried a manual take-off, seemed better but I didn’t trust it and brought it down.

Insert battery #3, up up & away, no problems. Airdata logs below if anyone can explain why it just didn’t want to take off?

Auto take-off - problem

Manual take-off - seemed OK but didn’t trust the battery

Auto take-off with battery #3 for 8 minutes

Spent time thinking about this, what was different? Glass table, no. New battery, no. Rear mounted strobes, yes. I’m wondering if a combination of the strobes lifting the rear up sightly, condensation in the cold on the glass and downward vision sensors being slightly raised could have triggered some sort of sensor alert similar to flying close to water.

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Cold partially depleted battery v warm(er) fully charged replacement ?

#2 had only been flown about 3 or 4 minutes earlier, still in the drone. Did similar with #1 without problem.

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With charging #2, it’s flown fine and took the battery down to about 10% before landing it. Temporary glitch, maybe it was the sensors on a condensated glass.

Now to solve the photo mystery, I’ll search the forum and google before posting that one!

I see the battery percentage on #1 and #2 were in the 60’s %, have these batteries self discharged or are you flying them and “re-flying” with another take off?

I ask because when the batteries have started to self discharge you should charge them before flight. Something to do with the electronics not reporting the correct charge levels and it upsets the RTH function. I saw a youtube video on it last week.

They were only charged a few days before. Kept in a bag, not the charging case. Battery #2 flew fine yesterday, hadn’t lost any charge since the dodgy flight.