Mini 2 Workflow

Has anyone got a documented workflow to keep track of their images?
I’m thinking specifically,
Transfer images from Drone to Phone. Transfer Images from Phone to PC.
Tidy up Images on Drone, Phone, PC.
Quickshots do they move to PC or do you reconvert?
360’s same question
Panos same question.
DJI fly app will let you do some editing and viewing but what about transferring to PC?
Apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere but I did look and couldn’t find it.
Thanks in advance

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I shoot in JPEG and RAW. I don’t use the autosync function within the DJi fly app and I don’t tend to use the quick connect button.

For me, I extract the micro sd card and then copy the JPEG and RAW images to the PC, I can then work on any that I want to enhance/modify, the card is easy enough to access, if I want to sync any to my phone I then use iCloud so it syncs across all my devices.

I think it all depends on what you want to do with the images.


All files go from sd to pc.
All editing done on pc.


As above, all files copied onto PC - into a directory named for the location and date - and edited on the PC

All files from SD to HDD disk attached to the MacBook.
All edited files then saved on SSD.

I’m Mac based but its same whichever way you look at it

SD card to iMac/MBP

Photomechanic, to weed out the crap/duplicates then add IPTC data (old habits die hard).

Then a 2nd pass with PM to weed out the crap I missed the first time.

Rename all the files again with PM in the format ‘longdate_project_filenumber’ (so they sort by date)

Back up to External/NAS/Cloud depending on what they for/future use (cloud for stills).

If I’m editing I’ll keep the files in place on the external and have a 1TB external SSD that I use as a scratch disk, I will keep project files on there until I’m done then just export them to the folder with the originals on. Upload to youtube/client and delete. I still have all originals and project files if I need to go back to it.

Panoramas keep in the folders off the card, rename to date_location and file as above, if I edit or manually stitch them I’ll save the resulting output to the same folder as the originals then upload to Kuula/Memento360

Top Tip , don’t keep shit for the sake of it, I used to shoot football for a living, and would easily cull 1000 images at the end of each half and keep a couple of dozen and before that, pre digital I would only shoot 3/4 rolls of 36 kodachrome (and was a better tog for it)

Different for photos of the kids and special occasions, keep all that.

The only refinement I’d add is, from my days shooting weddings, is name each folder on your PC with the date first, so it sorts them into chronological order for you.

If I’d been out today, for example, it’d be named

20210217 stalking the hot neighbour

Ahem. You get the idea…

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20210218 borrowed photos of my arrest ?


20210219 You’ll never take me alive officer!!!


This but use ISO dates.

Also while I said edit on PC I copy onto RAID-6 storage which is instantly synced to the cloud before the rclone script backs it up again overnight.

Trust me, the police don’t move that quickly!

Similar workflow here - SD card removed and slotted into PC. All drone, action camera, and Osmo Pocket stuff goes in one folder (imaginatively named ‘DJI’) for review and editing (if needed). Anything taken with a camera goes into the Windows ‘pictures’ folder, and phone stuff mostly remains on the phone.


From advice in another thread, I use Backup Rename Utility, BRU, on Windows. SD card into PC, first job copies all files beginning DJI off the card into a dated folder on the PC, I use the date copied because it could be a weekend of flights. Second job renames all files on the SD card that begin DJI to XDJI so they’re not copied next time.

The Mini 2 doesn’t appear to track file numbers internally, must look on the SD card for the highest numbered DJI file. The rename means it starts at 1 after each copy but BRU can ensure unique filenames by it’s own option to add an incremental counter.


Many thanks to everyone who has replied to this thread. It’s really useful. Thanks you .


Why rename on the drone, why not do it properly with a log file?

It’s quick, it’s easy, it works.

Yeah but it’s prone to errors, it’s irreversible and it’s inferior to the obvious alternative. as in all instances in life, I just don’t get why you’d choose the lesser tool for the job?

It’s quick, it’s easy, it works, it’s non-destructive, it’s reversible, it’s not prone to errors, it’s the tool that was recommended on the forum.

It’s quick, it’s easy, it works, it’s non-destructive, it’s reversible, it’s not prone to errors… It’s bizarre… ! on this forum…?

There’s another forum?