Mini 3 Pro_Balcombe Viaduct, West Sussex

This is one of the locations I have been meaning to video for some time now. The light was not great but managed to extract some reasonable footage in post. I will definitely go back when the light is more favourable.

Balcombe Viaduct Video


You might want to upload the video to YouTube or Vimeo and then share the link here - that way it can be viewed within the forum. :slight_smile:

Thanks, will try that

I understood drones were not allowed at the viaduct, live railway line and lots of signs around the place last time I was there so be careful

I have created a youtube channel now. This will make it easier for me to upload future videos.
Thanks for the advice.


One additional little thing to remember … the YouTube url has to be on its own line (no spaces before/after) … and this creates the embedded player.

I edited your post for you.

So - instead of [Ouse Valley Viaduct]( within the text, just …

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cool, thx

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Been here few occasions with my sub 250g drone …to be honest it’s best in bright cloudy conditions as I get to much glare and contrast on sunny days . There is a sign there saying no drones allow… but not saying what kind of law you breaking especially with a 249g drone .but I kept one side of the viaduct not flying over …. Steve.

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There is a no drone on the gate as you face the viaduct, but it has no authority.