Mini 3 Pro - enable obstacle avoidance?

Hi All

Can someone please tell how to sought a promlem on my drone …

Have on my pre flight check. (On RC )

Vision system and obstacle avoidance disable
( code 180059 ) can’t see anywhere in settings to get
Enable ?? Cheers Steve .

Have you tried re calibrating the sensors ? With dji assistant , I don’t think there’s a lot within the app to do anything with the vision sensors apart from when turning obstacle avoidance off it disables the sensors .
Also maybe try re calibrating the imu , gimbal etc anything that can be calibrated within the app refresh it , if it persists I’d say plug it in to assistant and re calibrate the vision sensors , I’m no expert you might get a better answer of someone else on here but that would be my go too .

Edit Chris knows his stuff stick with what he says for now just in case I’m wrong , :+1:t2:

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Is it just when on the ground ?

They are disabled by default until you take off

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Yes …is disable on ground before I take off …

It will enable on take off

It’s a power saving feature unless you’ve turned them off in settings (safety)

Oh ok thanks … is there anywhere find these error codes ?? Look in the Mavic Mini pro manual
Nothing on these codes ??

Type in code number and dji model on google that usually helps :+1:t2:


Search is your friend @Sparkyws posted quite a few recently :wink:

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a lot at Drone Notifications WIKI | AirData UAV

I had the same error along with a host of others first time I turned on my drone - pulled the battery and waited to the next day to do updates that also failed. Next day and since then no problem.

They work on a traffic light system, the red blobs were stopping you taking off.

Luckily leaving it and then putting the battery back in seemed to solve the problems for me.