Mini job in scotland

Captured and edited this today for a mate.


Wow! What an amazing vid! Great control and editing. Like the way you mixed up the speeds. Doesn’t look like you had filters though?

What’s the story with the cabin? Fishing? Hunting? Or just a retreat?

Well done chap, thanks for sharing :+1:

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That’s superb Glenn! :+1:

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Great video Glenn, must have made a change from chasing deer!.

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It’s an old grouse shoot cabin that needed repairs.

No filters, you’re right, I need to think about that more to get better results!

Mixed some slow mo iPhone footage in which I thought worked well.

Cheers guys!

Great video, Thanks for sharing

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Well done glen another classic

Next time hide inside the cabin when you do the pull away at the end my only criticism

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I was part of the team so they said I should be in it :wink: but you’re right! The camera man should never break the 4th wall!

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