Mini Meetup Harborough Rocks 6/3/22

A couple of us will be heading to Harborough Rocks on Sunday (6th March). I’m going to tempt fate and say the weather looks good…

It was good last time I went. :wink:

Anyway, I expect to be there at about 1:30pm.
Parking is here:

Fly from about here:

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Ready for me maiden flight… Actually not at all. Scared after last time out! @notveryprettyboy any chance you have anything to charge with? Only got 3 packs ATM as never replaced last year’s!

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Yeah I’ll bring some charge packs :+1:


I say YES, missus says OK, knees say take ibubrofen before you go!


Errr, might this be a problem?


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Its the other side of the hill.

Means nobody can care about the sound…

Well out of our range.


You’re a star. Must look into field charging if don’t lose the drone this time!

Sorry, it’s a no from me
I’m in Wales this weekend :slightly_frowning_face:

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Got a little more work to do tomorrow and my vifly V2 not working. It was when I test flew it a few weeks ago. Red light comes on when powered up (the drone that is) but it doesn’t beep or do anything. All connections seem sound and continuity checked them… Hmmm

Thanks Amazon lol. Not the same part but hope it fits and here today. Didn’t like idea of no buzzer lol

Good point. I’ve got one of these to fit to my Nazgul knocking around somewhere. Maybe I should get the soldering iron out today.

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Yes for sure

And now my prop nuts are stuck. This is not going well… Ideas? I’ve tried rubber gloves and wrapping electrical tape. Never had this issue before

Got there in the end with an elastic excercised band!

How tight should I put em? Maybe over tightened?

I do mine just tight enough that I can’t easily move the props while gripping the motor.

(Buzzer fitted and working on the Naz :+1:)

There is no problem that can’t be solved through buying more tools. :grin: