Mini planet 360 panos

I have a couple of 360 Mini planet pano’s i need to edit and export, got the images in lightroom/photoshop to edit but need something to convert and export

had anyone got any suggestions for PC/mac software that would do it for free or cheaply?

Have you looked at just upping the panos to Kuula? after using ICE

no will have a look I guess need to edit in PS before I take it into ICE

That worked

do you know any other export options if I don’t want logos etc on it? or an

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Dave is your man @OzoneVibe if yuor working on windows

Or post what you’ve done so far if your on Mac and I can help you out maybe

Take a look at this thread : Interactive 360 Panoramas - How To : if you want them appearing here like this …


Ozone, wonder if you can help, I am probably being thick but…

Have a 360 from M2P need to edit as the in drone stitch isn’t great.

So stitched in ICE but not sure of setting to to get similar results as above? the horizon is bent all over the place, do I need to adjust the crop in ICE?


interesting, that’s not what it looks like in KUULa

You’ll need to use something like Photoshop to “add sky” so that the overall aspect ratio is 2:1 … as per …

In Photoshop I increase the canvas size to create the appropriate ratio, then usually just fill with a blue “sky” colour.

I find that most assisted fills create strange marks, since they don’t complete the warped projection as it would be needed.

You can google for some 360 pano skies that you can blend in that look good as far as completing the sphere … but, unless you have loads of time to do all the blending needed, and knowing the pano was taken in a drone, they still look fake.

That’s looking OK?

I may have misunderstood the first time …. did you end up with something like this in ICE?

If so, chances are you dragged the mouse left-click down in the middle?
You can move it back - or re import and stitch again.

No it was pretty straight in Ice across the top of the image but initially when it processed the horizon was way out in the opposite to the image above. but then corrected it self.

Just going to edit the ICE image now and see how it looks.

Thanks for your help

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what do you think? tried to match top join, think its ok

ozonevibe, do you know if you can covert this in to a youtube video?

You mean an interactive 360? Don’t think so.

But if this option on Kuula is checked (which it is by default), then the full-screen version on a mobile device is controlled by the movement of the device.


got it sorted, bit of a black hole top and bottom but its there

The holes may be if it’s not exactly 2 x 1?

But that’s quite cool … if one’s quick enough to see everything. :stuck_out_tongue:

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A "How to … " would be good, too! :wink:

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there’s a bit of a work around but had a client who wanted it so needed to do it.

convert image to MP4 in Photoshop (or other editing tool you use), I went with 30 seconds , if not sure how to then links to youtube vid below is good.

followed by the next one on how to post

you will need this app which installs some metadata in the vid before you upload, not sure exactly what it does but it works and I was in a hurry.

Hope that helps

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