Mini & Props "turning too quickly” message

Guys, tried to pop the M Mini up the other evening (nice clouds). It was certainly breezy, but thought it would be OK. However, I got a warning message that the props were turnng “too quickly” and that I should land immeadiately. Tried a couple of times with same result - so gave up.
What I did not get was a strong wind warning - but I am assuming that the message I got amounted to the same thing - i.e props working to hard to keep stabiity? Anyone had this before - is it one and the same thing?

Or is it the one about props deforming whilst stored? You didn’t get any warning to change props or anything?

Was it overly warm? I know they’ll work harder in hotter/thinner air?

Any telling indicators on your .dat file?
Do you log your flights on airdata?

Blimey P, that was quick. No, no warning re props (they are quite new) and not warm - cool and breezy. I have flow in much warmer weather and not seen this warning. Have to confess to being hopeless with .dat files. It is quite an urgent warning (to land) rather than a warning that wind is strong.
I have flown indoors to check for potential fault - but seems OK. Still really windy out so not risking it yet.

Ha ha, popped on to kill those last 5 mins before leaving work!

Strange, I’ve had the imu error but not one like yours. There’s why I wondered if your logs would show anything.

Do you sync to airdata? It’s all free but gives you good access to warnings and data etc on past flights. Definitely worth doing. Don’t know if it’ll sync old flights, don’t see why not. Just got to connect your DJI account to it.

Have you changed props recently ?

Oo, pushing me into new territory there. I will have a look.

They are newish Chris, but I have flown successfully since changing them.

Just wondered if too tight or not tight enough.


Just holler if you get stuck. I’m in no way technical but look back at all flights to learn.

Did you know you can do a similar (but not as much info) in the DJI app? Go to your profile, then more, and you can see stick inputs, maps, basic flight info. Found it by mistake three times before I remembered where it was!

Tried the App - as you suggested. It did pull up the full message I got - which helps? It said
“Propeller rotating too fast. wind resistance affected. return to home ad land promptly. check whether prop on beeping ESC is warped or damaged”

So, maybe a prop issue to look at. Need to take it up again I guess - can’t see any damage.

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You got the fly more case? Make sure the bottom props aren’t sitting on the bulge in the case. And fold them in order, if I remember I think the left props go under the right props.
I left mine open for a couple of days when I got the error and the props unwarped themselves back into shape and no more errors. Checked the .dat and no problems after a long test flight in s mode. Rear prop was going a little faster then the others but only slightly.

Yes, see where you are coming from: never been entirely happy about the folding up process - and yes into the case. But I am prone to carrying the unit and controller/phone in a loose shoulder bag (bad idea) Those prop restraints might be the way to go.

I would just replace the props, one at a time, you have to eliminate them, regardless of what you know.
The amount of deformation needed to affect the thrust you will never visually see,

Yeh, need to order a new set anyway. cheers

But the stats from the drone show there’s no lasting damage after they’ve flexed back into shape. If it ain’t broke…

From what I understand, it is either the props, software, or hardware. Replacing the props is about the only thing to do that is not cheaper to replace the drone.

Just an update for people who remember I had a potential problem with props a couple of weeks back. Well I left the mini out for a few days - then tried again.
All seems well - self healing Mini.
Went flying properly this morning so will post later.

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Thank you