Missed the fireworks, got some traffic instead :-)

Well I got my Mavic too late for the fireworks (and was otherwise occupied) so had to try some other night shots and this was the best (safest) I could find as I could sit high enough and far enough away from the road.

First attempts, quite a few blurred shots but a few better ones as well. Shot in manual exposure and auto focus (oddly my manual focus shots were pretty much all useless so need to practice that).

Hope you like it?


Great first try it’s the start of a great hobby :smiley:


I’m yet to master the night time shots, I really struggle with the focus.

I really must try ‘auto’ :smiley:

I have my C2 button set to centre focus so just point the camera at a suitably bright object at the right distance, hit C2 then can recompose and shoot.

Not sure why my manual focus attempts all failed - was looking a long way away and hit the infinity option (I believe hyperfocal is around 12m) so it should have worked but failed miserably lol

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When i was driving home i saw some amazing displays going on near home so i grabbed the mav and a 45% battery and tried to get up as quick as i could while it shouted at me to update the firmware. I just missed the good fireworks but managed to grab a shot for what it was worth.
Shot using auto focus but manual settings. 1600 iso
Cant remember the shutter speed.
Bit grainy but the wind wasnt stable enough to drop iso and lower shutter speed

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Sounds almost too easy!

I’ll try this as soon as I can, thanks :smiley: