Missing elevation data-Litchi


OK,so I sometimes enable elevation in settings on Litchi if I want to fly relative to ground.
Some locations will not allow this and I get the pop up “import elevation data”

Erm,forgive my ignorance,where from???

Thanks in advance.


I wouldn’t swear to it but google earth is where you set flights and maybe were you getthe elevation from
But be aware this will not include trees or other foliage. Last year we had a meet at the Humber bridge I set my flight started my take off and wasn’t near where I should have been and saw my Mavic vear towards a bush which wasn’t visible on google maps


The splendid breakfast cafe was though.


worth another trip me thinks


Maybe straight to the cafe, then back home.
Miss out the flying bit?


Getting back to the question ……

@jonathantozer, is this when using Litchi Mission Hub on a computer or when using the app on a mobile device?


On the PC,some locations have it,some dont.


Obviously, make sure this mission setting is checked ….


… but I guess there area some weird places that don’t have any Google Earth elevation data.

Where abouts in the world are you not getting any (with that setting checked)?