Misty sunrise East Sussex - 3rd ever vid!

I finally got round to editing my third drone video. DaVinci Resolve causes my work-issued Thinkpad to creak at the seams and crash regularly! Think I need a better PC. One day maybe…!


After a late night watching Formula One make a tit of itself, waking to see this was the perfect antidote!

It created one of the rare moments that, after a few seconds, I stopped watching on the laptop so that I could watch on the big screen … a bumbling, sleepy, move that proved totally valid.

A superb video, perfectly edited! :+1:

Them colours! Spot on!!

That line of birds sat along a power line - they so broke the otherwise near motionless of the scenery.

This is more than deserving of the Misty Moments Badge and, were it possible to award it a second time, totally warrants a second Golden Hour Flyer Badge.

Overall … Bravo!

I can imagine DR might stretch a Thinkpad a little. If that was happening during the edit, rather than the render, using the Optimised Media @ 25% resolution may help. These are only used for display during editing, it reverts to original media for the render. There is an initial creation time for these (and needs disk space!), but they do make the editing much smother on a struggling computer.
Shout if you can’t find this wizardry.


Cracking , colours are just wow


Very nice.

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Aww, thank you so much for your kind words! It was all in the lighting and the mist - it would have been difficult not to come up with something nice that morning. Nature did all the hard work for me.

Thanks for the tip about optimised media. I’ll have to check that out. Currently I can’t play back In DR without it being more jump and pause than actual video making it almost impossible to find changes in the music to time cuts on. And rendering takes ages if it doesn’t actually crash! I think I’ll need a better pc at some point for rendering but anything to help the editing process will be a big help. :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s a brilliant job mate well done loved the editing, colours etc you captured everything right including the birds :sunglasses::+1:


Really lovely video and beautifully edited. Superb!

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Nick, that was absolutely stunning! I could quite happily watched it at twice the length of time.

Looking forward to seeing more.

Take care and catch you later. Peter

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Absolutely beautiful!!! I’ve just started using DR, my old computer couldn’t handle it so bit the bullet and got a gaming laptop from Aldi and so far it works a treat, some of the rendering takes a bit of time but nothing serious. It’s one hell of a prorgam with a steep learning curve but as usual You Tube comes up with the goods.

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WOW! What a stunning video, gorgeous colours when looking into the sun but also picking up the colour on the trees and hedges etc when looking away from the sun. The music was just perfect. I’ll aspire to produce something as good one day.

Yeah you probably do need something better to run DR on, I updated my PC for the same reason.

Keep making movies like that and let us see them!

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WOW - just brilliant !!! The world is indeed a beautiful place when you have a drone.


That is one of the best Misty Sunrises Videos I think I have ever seen !.
I cannot fault that in any way, just jealous I did’nt take it !.
Well done !.

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Thank you all so much for being so kind! I’m chuffed to bits with the positive feedback😊! I just enjoy getting out and seeing it as a challenge to think how to make the best of the time I have before my batteries run out or I have to get off to work or my fingers freeze solid. And it gives me a reason to get out early and see the nice light that I otherwise would never see. It’s a great hobby, frustrated only by the weather lately. Roll on the summer and more sunny days!

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