Mitcham Common, South London - Added to Parks & Recreation in the London region on the map at

I have just added this to the UK Map of places to fly your Drone at

Very large and generally quiet park and open space with 3 ponds, plenty of trees and a little bit of elevation change. Surrounded by housing and commercial properties. Nice place to fly…


Thanks for the share Liam, we need more places in London adding to the map :+1:

byelaw notice at the common forbidding flying of rc planes etc so fly at own risk. I wouldn’t say its legal.

New pilot and looking for a place in south London… this looked great. Is this now a no go area?

Only in small bit of Mitcham Common ‘Three Kings Piece’ flying is legal some days and some time only.

Following Merton parks bylaws (I can’t paste link here)

19 (a) is the relevant bit ;o)

Hi All,

I’m a newbie and live near Figgs Marsh.
Just to be clear on what I have read.
So from the bylaws 19aii can I interpret this as drones CAN be flown outside the hours stated the (keeping to drone flying rules) as long as there is no notice explicitly prohibiting fobbiding it at the site ?
Also from another thread I understand being in Class D airspace is not illegal as the park is within this zone

Are you talking about flying on Figgs Marsh or Mitcham Common, @Aryour ?

You need to worry about the Class D airspace over the marsh:

I used to live and work on Streatham Road back in the 90s :blush:

Hi @PingSpike

Thanks about the info.
I was talking about Figgs Marsh, it’s also actually under ground hazards.

There are a lot of things in Ground Hazards and you shouldn’t let that put you off flying there.

For example, Figgs Marsh details simply say:

It is likely that members of the public will congregate in and/or around this area. Please be mindful of their safety


But Class D airspace isn’t a problem for normal drone flying is it?

No, not in the slightest :slight_smile:


That earlier post should have said,

“You need NOT worry about the Class D…”


But Merton council’s bye-laws apply to “power-driven model aircraft”, which they define as follows:

For the purpose of this bylaw “model aircraft” means an aircraft which either weighs not more than 5kg without its fuel or is for the time being exempted (as a model aircraft) from the provisions of the Air Navigation Order, and “power-driven” means driven by the combustion of petrol vapour or other combustible substances

So it would seem they say nothing at all about electrically powered drones with no combustion? :thinking:

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Nice place to fly - local dog walkers were very friendly even encouraging flights as chance to see how nice the landscape is to explore.
Friendly in South London… shocked.