Mobile Phone Photos

Heading to the station, early on Saturday.


Don’t normally post here as my phone is shitty Samsung s10 plus after my s20 went pear shape but tbh still could not get the quality of pictures I see posted here.

But today working in the garden I captured a friend :bird::parrot:

I just filled the bird feeders and been sitting near them with a handful seed to try and see if they will land, few times robins have came near but this one landed took a seed and decided to stay for tlc and wee bit of petting. Funny thing was I tried to pull seed out of its mouth but fought with me to keep it :joy::joy::joy::joy:

No good on types of bird so maybe tell me the type of common bird it is?

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I don’t know much about birds but it has that bird of prey look about it . Keen to know myself.


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The bird or Kirky? :rofl::rofl:

Oh yea, it’s 2 legged :smiley:
I think it’s been answered @D0c.Col
But zoom in on its feet, eyes & beak
I thought it was a young bird of prey kinda thing, see I know nothing about them kinda birds :scream::joy:

If it was 10 times the size, then maybe :joy:

I thought early stages you know, just came out of it’s nest, anyway :man_running:t2: who’s kirky :joy:

Keep flying drones rather than bird watching :joy: