Monsal Head viaduct, Derbyshire

Took a flight over Monsal viaduct,Derbyshire,started out ok,but then hit the mist,and poor old mp2 came back totally soaked,camera looked like it had been through a car wash! :rofl: :rofl:

Anyway,very dissapointed,as when i looked at footage on PC water drops on camera had ruined most of the footage :unamused:

Anyway,here are a few shots that i have tried to save,guess i will have to try again when i next visit the family,lol


Some great honest Pics there - Look good to me ! :+1:

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What Speedie said, well done given the unfavorable conditions, keep them coming.

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Great pics Tony!

The wife and I always frequent the little tea rooms next to the pub at the top when we’re round Bakewell way :blush:

Not been there for a few years now though, but this place is on my ‘to fly’ list :smiley:

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OP: I think youre being a bit harsh on yourself…looks good in the conditions, thumbs up…


Thanks for sharing. I like them. :+1:

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little play at bridge today


Hi, I’m a new member here and just browsing what’s been put up in the past. I came across the lovely pictures of Monsall Head viaduct and decided to put links to the following 2 pictures up:-


They’re part of a series that our (now) German friends produced during WW2 and I find the whole series to be fascinating as they give some interesting shots of places that would be useful to destroy from rides to factories and towns

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Think you’re being a little too self critical, pics look good to me👌 nice job.

I was looking at taking my drone as we are going to stay in Bakewell, but looked at it appears the bylaws don’t allow drone flight.

Is this correct?

@Garna no, that is not correct.

You can fly here:


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Thanks for the reply, such lovely area

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