Have not been here in a while and I’m glad to be back!

On Sunday I am flying to Montenegro and want to take my Mini 3 Pro with me, I have emailed the CAA in Montenegro but I don’t have much hope that they will reply before Sunday considering that I have just sent the email :slight_smile:

Have any of you experience?

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Found this


Yeah I read that earlier as well as also reading that drones can be seized by border control

Hi has anybody had any experience of flying and applying for a Drone permit from the Montenegro CAA?

Apparently its mandatory, but how do do it?

Any help appreciated.

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Yes it’s open to a bit of interpretation on if a small drone like the mini2 needs it. I have completed the form and emailed it over to their CAA, but, I guess I will be leaving it at home :confused:

So I have flown there but the CAA never got back to me. If you give me an email address I can forward some email threads that I got from the ministry

If that’s your personal email address I’d remove it & private message it to @alexmciver :+1:t2:

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Ok there has been some developments with this, I emailed the for across and a helpful person, returned it as it contained errors, but helpfully advised what the errors were and what do do to correct. I also used the contact us page who replied with a similarly helpful mail.

I was also advised to notify a ministry of trade as it was an import…?

Anyway I have sent them back, hopefully will hear good news.

Yeah you need to notify the ministry and I have said this in my DM to you. It will make a lot more sense when I send you the email that I received from them


Today I received my permission to fly documentfrom the Montenegrin CAA.

They were very helpful. I have also received a reply from the ministry of tourism and business regarding importing the drone, I have sent off the requested information. Hopefully it will come together in time.

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Still a bit in the dark about how the import thing works. But hopefully it will become clear.

When you return, it would be great if you can add any additional tips to this thread, for future travellers. :+1:

Hi yes, will do.
Until I get the import form, it’s still not happening though.

Ok so an update on my experience of trying to get a drone permit for Montenegro.

I did get permission from the CAA who were very helpful.

Lessons learnt and guidance for others would be.

Apply in good time, ie over 30 days.

The CAA are quite speedy whereas the import ministry are hopeless.

Observations from my travels would be unless you are being an arse with your drone nobody is even remotely bothered, I saw a lot of drones up and nobody batted an eyelid.

Montenegro folk are pretty laid back.

I wish I had just taken the thing now.

Yeah this was my experience too, I had a local ex-pat come up to me asking if I had a license etc, to which I said yes but I didn’t as the ministry didn’t come back to me in time but that was the only time I had someone even take any interest

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Would anyone be able to advise me please on how easy this was/what you did? Anything to avoid doing or to make sure to do first time would be really appreciated.