More Cyprus - Famagusta and Salamis

Ancient ruins and glourious weather. Trying to match the music a bit better to the clips.


I’ve only ever done a handful of videos, all of which have been silent thus far :hear_no_evil:


Think I may have mentioned some time back … I kinda prefer silent, myself.
Also - I’m crap at anything musical, which urges me not to bother.
When I’ve tried, finding/“choosing” the music has taken about 2 weeks longer than editing the video.
I’m not criticising anyone adding music, but so much of the copyright free music is “samey” and “bleh”. (Those are special descriptive terms used by people with almost zero interest in any music, btw. #IBlameAspergers :wink:)

Also - MOST of my MP use is still pics.

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It’s all subjective and personal opinion. I think silent films are a bit dull haha.

Lumafusions free music is pretty good though and there’s lots of it. If you like music in your videos of course :joy: :wink:

You’ve seen that one of our members here has posted loads of his music that is free for us to use?


… but not as bad as endless “WTF did you use that music?” thoughts, aired or not … and when I’m thinking that too, well, you’d discover that dull is way better than painful … :stuck_out_tongue:

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Same here… which is probably why I’ve only ever done a handful of videos.

Don’t get me wrong, I always video/record every single flight and I store it all on an external HDD (not sure why!), I just rarely share it :blush: