Morning all


Im currently monitoring the deals here in the UK foor the purchase of my first Mavic (tempted to buy a Spark also).
I live in Cumbria where we have fantastic weather for flying all year round :wink:

I’ll be posting in the very near future, asking/grilling you all for information, help, tips etc. Until then i’ll keep watching youtube vids.



There are some great spots in Cumbria

Both Mavic and spark are great drones.

Happy New Year

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Welcome Franco, the lakes is a beautiful place, we love it up there.

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Hi @franco and welcome once again to Grey Arrows, great to have you on board :+1:

Yeaaaahhhh… right… :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re about an hour north of me and if my weather tonight is anything to go by you wouldn’t even launch a helicopter at the moment, never mind a drone :rofl:

We’ve a few “Mavic + Spark” owners here so don’t be afraid to ask any questions :smiley:

Welcome :slight_smile: i was up your way earlier last year when i went up scarfell… great place to fly

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Hahaha :wink:

We are looking at 90mph winds here tonight!!

I’m viewing a few eBay options for the spark and the mavic. Though i must admit im swaying more to buying from somewhere that I have a solid point of return incase I have any “issues”.

If you where interested in mine its from Argos with all the cat no on so warranty would not be an issue.

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Is it the DJI prop cages? How many hours flight?

Why the sale if you dont mind me asking


Argos are friendly with returns as @PingSpike found out.

Go mavic

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The drone has never flown and has never been registered.

I got it as a backup for my current mavic but ended up getting a p4p+ and having an inspire its not needed in my fleet.