Morning mist


Beautiful photo! :+1:

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Very nice.

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Amazing photo and loved the footage too.

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Absolutely stunning photo @Homer :clap:

Worthy of both the Golden Hour Flyer badge and the Strange Sightings badge, congratulations :+1:

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@Homer might I also suggest that photo is worthy of entering to the Golden Hour Challenge :slight_smile:


Thanks PingSpike
How & where do I submit the photo for that?

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If you click the blue link in @PingSpike’s post it takes you straight to the challenge thread.

Have a read at rules and then post your entry or entries in that thread.

Good luck

Thank. All done now. So many great photos there!
Going to have a crack at the video too but 30 sec limit is crazy tight!


If it was too easy then everyone would win :blush:

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