Motor error

Had sent mavic mini up high. Received a high wind warning. Started it back down. Then received “motor error” then the display indicated that the drone camera was pointed straight down, but still descending at a reasonable rate. I could hear the motors screaming at high speed. It was descending toward a concrete pad, so i steered it a little and it responded. Then suddenly it started tumbling and falling. Fortunately into grass and not water or on the concrete. Front left arm had broken. Sent to heliguy. They emailed that they have sent it to DJI. I have no clue as to how to upload flight logs and video onto this site.
My conclusion: after motor error, do not attempt to make any turns unless absolutely necessary. It may have crashed anyway, but it was descending at a reasonable rate with stability until after i made a couple of turns.

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Wonder if it’s the same problem @ianinlondon had in his last video.

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No mention of motor error in his 25 reasons, so must be something else. It was all normal up until the motor error message on the display. I had already started down. It titled face down, but still stable. As it continued down in a controlled rate, the engines were screaming. It did not tumble until quite late in the flight.

Do you have combo

There was a problem with props getting squashed in combo bag which lead to motor over speed

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The props get damaged in the bag

Does this affect only the first Mavic mini?

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I think so

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This might not have been your problem but I change my Props (mini version 1) after 20hrs flight time. This is to try and avoid the known issue of them deforming in storage. The motors will speed up as correct pitch is lost (less drag), eventually there will not be enough pitch to maintain flight.
Should add. This issue always seems to present itself whilst in flight and not during take off, iff you don’t notice the deformed prop/props before you fly.

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The props did not show any fault and i do check them. I keep the mini in its case, being careful with the props at all times. I have flown that mini about 18 hours and have changed the props about halfway through those hours. I have flown aircraft for over 27,000 hours and know how important props and fan blades are, but also realize the mini plastic props spin a lot faster than any metal props can and must experience much greater stress. I’ve tried to up load the video, but even after much editing, it is still not accepted due to being too large a file. The video lasts quite some time after the downward tilt.
Upon reflection, it could have been a bird. I wasn’t looking directly at the drone all the time, but i did not see any birds at all in that general area. I have always flown at that same location and have not had any bird threats to speak of.
When i hear the final verdict from DJI, i will send it here.

I’ve tried to download part of the video on a separate post with the same name.

Please use Vimeo or YouTube to upload your video, then just copy/paste the link here.

I’ve wasted enough time trying to put a video onto this website. I’ll come back with a verbal description of whatever DJI writes.

It was only a suggestion to save you some grief mate, take it or leave it.

Mine was only a reply. Take it or leave it, i did.

I’m not your mate. I’ve only read or heard that term when someone is talking someone down. I simply said it’s a waste of time to go through the process to download a video that doesn’t give a solution. I’ve had no grief.

The response you’ll get from DJI will probably be a cut and paste from a standard script and vague at best. It would be in your best interest to post the flight log on somewhere like Airdata or Phantomhelp. There are members on here who can read this data and and deduce the true cause of the failure, which would be essential if DJI deem operator error, as they most often do, and then offer you an insulting discount against a replacement (translated meaning refurbished).



Another option.

Replay the flight in the DJI APP while at the same time screen recording it. Then upload the video to YT or Vimeo and post the link back here. This way we will see the flight and the warning messages that were generated during the flight.

Well that’s 3 useful bits of info I’ve gained from PingSpike and Nidges response to Sixstring’s experience. That’s what makes these forums so important in our fairly complex but enjoyable hobby. I hope the outcome is a good one. :slightly_smiling_face: