Mountains of Slate - Llanberis, Cymru (4K)

A closer look at the levels and faces of the Dinorwig quarry, the home of the Welsh National Slate Museum. I find the colours, the different shades of gray, to be beautiful in the right light. I drove past later, when the sun had had enough of the day, and the whole mountain just looked gloomy and imposing. What a difference a few hours can make.


Brilliant mate !! 4K makes ALL the difference, sadly my old iMac i have here can’t cope with it :sob: so I’m always stuck in just HD. When I processed mine I originally put Welsh quarryman’s music to it, but I ended up getting choked thinking of my G Grandfather toiling on them galleries ( above the hydro plants bridge ) for 20+years so I changed it - your choice was excellent. I will hunt around for a quiet spot above the plant but right under the galleries, so next time we can dual fly it going up them - I reckon with your 4K the results would be fantastic. Early morning for sun on them, afternoons for “gloomy”.


That sounds like a great idea Ted. I will try to get back up there early next year if I can.