MP Battery Rapid Discharge Device?


Merging a couple of threads …. starting from …


Props off, start motors, let it run down one battery, and chance the rest!.

Draining batteries for a flight to Portugal

No load = VERY slow discharge.

A suitable device could do it in less than 15 mins per battery.

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Couple of options here…

For the Mavic, you could fit the USB adapter to the battery and charge some stuff up (mobile phones, etc).

Or at the other end of the scale, connect a bulb to it:


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Would take ages from 100% to 20% … you are limited to 10w … 5v @ 2 amps.

And if you want to drain 3 MP batteries … nobody has that much capable of being charged. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Bulb it is then :rofl:

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Which is a resistance. Which is what I was suggesting. So, you agree. :stuck_out_tongue:


The trouble with “intelligent” batteries is that it can throw hissy fits if they aren’t discharged correctly.


I have seen a device that use to be used for draining the Phantom 2 batteries that contained a 35 watt halogen bulb.
Must look it up!, I would think with my Electronics knowledge I could rustle up something similar, to do it quickly, but safely!.
Anyone know which terminals are the + - , would be good if someone with a 3d printer could make a battery cover that could be modified to take the contacts?.
I use to use 24 volt Lorry side light bulbs to make my speaker crossovers many years ago for my Disco !.


There’s only TEN to choose from! What DO they all DO?


Time to play with the multimeter me thinks !.
Well it been nice knowing you all !!.
(headline from local paper)
“Man blows himself up with lipo battery”


I would say:
4 for firmware upgrades (2 in, 2 out)
2 for battery status sensors
2 for main power.
lost for the other 2 !


Chances are these would be the quickest/simplest route.

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My thoughts as well Dave !


anyone got a DJI Battery schematic?


Someone that’s done a multi-battery mod to their MP might know …. someone like @My-Mavic-My-Rules …. not that he’s been about recently.

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Would be jolly handy to find out which terminals we are talking about for all the current birds (Air, MP, MP2)!


I suspect the way to go is to the battery charger, not, the battery, to find “what does what”.
then risk of short circuit is minimalized.
Arrrrrr !, the car charger !, should give a direct ± to whatever pins!


PLAYTIME, me thinks !

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These don’t quite show enough info …

But, probably the more central pins?