MP in Main Luggage

Don’t ask me why but I am considering putting the MP in my main luggage in it’s original box (without battery), in a air cushion bag on my way back from a holiday. Do you guys think it will be protected enough?

I did originally receive it from overseas in an air cushioned bag which was in a plastic postal bag.

This springs to mind…

Seriously though, if you really had to I’m sure it would be fine. Maybe put some tissue paper in gimbal cover to stop it rattling about.


I imagined my MP thrown around like that before it got delivered to me lol


Might be worth looking at your travel insurance as well mate. See what’s covered in your baggage. Some do add-ons for gadgets and the likes.

Beware of the gimbal ribbon cable. (I have gained much respect for these recently. :wink:)
But seriously, it’s not just the potential to break them, they are held in very precise position by patches of adhesive to ensure they don’t snag in use.
These MPs arrive with us with just the clamp holding the gimbal, if it still fits in place firmly it should be adequate.

Considering its so small, I’d always try carry it on.

I would also check with your airline as I had the opposite problem when travelling to Dubai last year, Emirates do not allow drones in carry on luggage. Details here.

If space/weight is your issue then it is worth remembering (and you have to dig into most airlines conditions to find it) that as well as your usual xxKG of carry on, or dragon as the kids call it (because they have nice drag on bags) you are allowed another bag up to 35x20x20 (ladies handbag size)

We use these and the mavic and controller and a few batteries will fit in easily.

As @callum has said its also worth checking your travel/home insurance to see if you are covered properly for checked luggage.

As a final note, it always raises a smile when I read that party poppers are prohibited on the majority of flights, as either carry on or checked baggage ;o)

Wonder what the story with party poppers in checked luggage is.
Over cautious safety? or maybe to stop false hits on explosive detection and sniffer dogs?

I still find it strange, new aircraft have the electronic no smoking sign and some ashtrays.