Multiple Restriction Layers in the same airspace on the DS map

Sorry if already discussed elsewhere or is on the roadmap (pretty sure I’ve seen a roadmap of sorts in the past but damned if I can find it)

In West Midlands at the moment there is a temporary FRZ that came into force on 22nd July for Drones only. If you were to click on the current zone at the moment on DS, you would not be aware of this as the blue zone that is not active yet (this related to all aircraft including manned) is seemingly the top layer. A drone pilot may therefore assume it is currently safe to fly in this area.

I’ved messed around with the layers and see no way to get the current active FRZ thats only applicable to drones to display info when clicking on the zone.

E.g. If you view it on Altitute Angel you see there are two notices and that the red drone only FRZ is already in force. I can find no way of seeing this restriction in DS.

@firstadekit can you tell me (or screen shot) which layers you have on on their app to only show that restriction?

I’m wondering if they’re bundling it in with another existing layer :confused:

Think this is what you want?

Basically you tap in the FRZ, and you get the first AA image in the OP, showing the two restrictions one red, one blue. To get the bottom screen, you have to tap the red restriction thats showing in the black bottom half of the screen. Sorry if that comes across as obvious, not trying to sound like teaching to suck eggs on purpose.

Does that help?

Is there a way to only visually display that one red layer (re drones) in their app? :thinking:

Not that I can see. Both only appear when temorary flight restrictions are toggled on. Admittadly the blue layer is also the prominent visible layer from just looking.

I guess it would be nice if in DS if you clicked in a area it could somehow display all the warnings in that one clicked area if there are multiple, either via similar click-through to prevent it getting mega messy on the screen or worst case, listing them all in some sort of priority order of listing.

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We did have some discussions last year about how people use DS, and the majority were screen (not mobile based).

With all these apps the amount of information on a mobile screen is difficult sometimes to navigate easily.

Yup that makes sense, either way atm a DS user has no idea there’s currently a FRZ for drones in that space.

Have DJI made up there own FRZ :man_shrugging:t2::man_facepalming:t2:

Yes. Yes they have :smiley:

Thanks for the info, sounds like they’re bundling multiple layer types together in the one payload. I’ll see what I can do.


You can find the FZR that is currently active for drones if you zoom in and find where there is an overlap

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Interesting that they’re not both the exact same shape :thinking:

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Try this official from CAA

Yes, they have, rather than use the official FRZ they have just completed the circle :joy:

Hard luck if you own a DJI drone, in the 2 areas to the N/East and S/West :man_shrugging:

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More reason (if it was needed) to invest in DroneHacks

I live in Dudley and went to fly in an area that I use regularly and found that my mavic pro 2 was not allowed to take off , must have just been in the games restricted area. . Thought there was something wrong with drone so set up my mini 2 and that was fine. Anybody know why the mini 2 is allowed , it’s still a drone ? Does anyone know what happens when you take off in an unrestricted zone and fly in to a restricted zone , does it fall out of the sky ?

Normally the drone just stops when it hits the Geo fence.

it isn’t allowed, the flysafe database on your drone may have been out of date and the DJI geo zone wasn’t active. just a guess but sounds likely to me.

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Cheers Deanog60

deanoG60 you were right just up dated flysafe and it let me take off . but can unlock it I think . Cheers

DeanoG60 Sorry meant to say it wouldn’t let me take off , with my mini 2.

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@Challenges_Committee I tried to enter a DS Pin on the summit of The Wrekin in Telford today as it was my TOAL point and as such would add to my challenge points. However, repeated attempts resulted in the app hanging at the submit screen with the scrolling bar. I filed all the relevant fields as I have done in the past but it just hangs! Can you advise me on a solution please?