Mustang P51. The Joy Of Manuel Flying, No Camera, just pure flight

Took the SONIKRC Micro Mustang out this evening. No camera, 51g fully loaded, no rules. I’ve had over a decade out of RC planes so no aerobatics yet, just getting the feel of aeroplanes again.

Fantastic fun! Just ordered an RC Jet EDF and a 3D XK Edge 430 too! :grinning:


Is that the rascal you bought recently ? I saw one in the other thread.
Looks a great fun bit of kit to be honest - the “Dambusters” theme jumped into my head lol
Think its time to invest in just a bit of fun with no worry about any tech - as you say, “just flying” - good on ya :+1:

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Yeah thats the one! Got it from Sussex Model Centre but there are loads of other suppliers too. Comes in at about 70 quid all in except tranny batteries. I just ordered another 5 Lipos for it and four USB chargers for maximum fun. The lipo is one about 3-4 quid!:slight_smile:

It does have some tech in the shape of a gyro which stops it stalling etc. It has two other settings with the third setting full 3d mode.

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Gold mate. Gold. Bit pricey for me though. I need to dip my toe into wings again.

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I think you can get a palne for cheapr than £70 but you’d have to build it and use your own radio gear. A thermal soaring glider for example. A Westwings Orion is a great option and flies i the lightest of breeze on the flat or of a slope.

Yeah. Bangood does em for cheap. I ordered 12 for about 2.30 each, but had to give em away to my misses nursery as the kids wanted them. Lidl are apparently doing the £8 glider again. Might have a pop this time and mod it.

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You can even get an RC paper dart now! :slight_smile: