My Air 2S had a baby. Please give it a name

So it appears when I came in to my office today my Air 2S was giving birth! Yes, I’m now the proud father of a Mini 2.

:wink: Thanks @ResilienceUAV for selling and shipping my new baby so quickly. :love_you_gesture:t2:

I can’t wait to get it in the air!

May I ask you legendary lot a favour? I’d like you all to name it. Boy, girl or non gender specific, non human names are welcome. Anything except :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I’ll give you until Friday to come up with names, then put it to a vote.

Crack on.


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Are you sure it’s not doing the step that happens before giving birth? :thinking: lol
Nice to see your drone family is growing :clap:t2:

Not in my house! :wink:

  • Toby Le Drone
  • Droney McDroneface (retro)
  • DJImmy
  • Minnie (works best if you rename the 2S “Mickey”)
  • Dave
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So pleased it got there quickly and safe. Hope you have many a wonderful flight with it haha.



So, after forgetting completely about this due to work commitments I have resurected it and made a poll. Added in a few others my family suggested so please have a vote if you dare!

  • Toby Le Drone
  • Droney McDroneface
  • DJImmy
  • Minnie
  • Dave
  • Mini Me
  • Marylin Mondrone
  • Greyskull
  • Rainbow
  • Berty (because I take pictures of All Sorts of things)

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I won’t disclose my favourite but as it’s a vote I will go for the winner. Don’t let me down everyone! :kissing_closed_eyes:

Voted have you taken it up yet?

And the winner is! :drum: :drum: :drum:


Thanks to all who voted. I shall print a label and smash some champagne over him accordingly.


Yes. A fair bit. The convenience is the best and picture quality is amazing.

Thanks again.

Missed this, at the time, but “The Immaculate Contraption” is my suggested name for it. :stuck_out_tongue:

So pleased buddy. It truly is an awesome bit of kit.

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