My beautiful Edinburgh

My beautiful Edinburgh


Fantastic clip .
I’m new to flying drones ,do you need an A2 licence to fly over Edinburgh around princess street ?

Dave from Cupar

I was flying a sub 250g drone m3p

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Thanks :+1:

Nice shots. Video looked a little jumpy/jittery to me (tested embedded playback on this site, also direct on YT and various resolutions, on two different monitors). What frame rate did you shoot in, and did you do any post-processing before uploading to YT?

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4k@25fps untouched video not jittery on my set up or tv.

Nice one. Sorry, jittery was probably a bad choice of words… more the overall video smoothness (note: not your flying movements!).

What drone were you using (presume DJI Mini 2 or 3)?

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mini 3 pro i was impressed with it, i also have its big brother.

@Dave3 Checkout Drone Scene. Most of Edinburgh is covered by its Airport FRZ but if you use a sub 250g drone you can fly in Band D airspace without permission from their ATC. :+1:t2:

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Unless the tattoo is on i believe they use some kind of sensor that alarms and informs drone in an the cops told me .

Fantastic thanks for the info
I’ve got a mini 2 so all legal :grinning:


Just be careful you dont run into the Airport FRZ thats not Band D.

It’s not always obvious! :+1:t2:

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Thanks ,is band D the outer yellow circle and the Atz in red ?

If you goto the menu at your Greyarrows login and hit the 3 lines one of the menu items is Drone Scene. Click on that and it opens Drone Scene. Type in Edinburgh in search and the screen have options to click on… in this case Edinburgh Scotland. It will expand the map to the city. Click on the map options and it will show you all the layers that you can tick.

This is just the Class D, but the others will take precedent if in the Airport FRZ.


Many thanks for the info
It’s all new to me at the moment :grinning:

here is the app

Thanks for the app info
When you file the fight plan in the app where does it send to ?

by posting it allows others who may be flying in that area that they are not alone and vice versa


The app URL from @jaybee isn’t Drone Scene just to be clear. I dont use Drone Assist and its probably very good so this message is just for you not to confuse the 2 apps.

If you choose to use DS log in through Gray Arrows menu as I mentioned earlier as you then dont have to log in DS seperately (as it does this automatically). If you don’t login DS it wont give you layer options to tick ya boxes.

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