My CrystalSky Ultra backlight finally failed 😭 (and subsequent repair)


It’s a sad day today…

My beloved CrystalSky Ultra 7.85 finally succumbed to the dreaded backlight failure issue that I’ve been reading about (and avoided thus far) :slightly_frowning_face: :frowning_face: :cry: :sob:

I thought I was ok as mine was a MkI. The backlight issue only seemed to strike the Mk2 early-2018 models, and the Mk3 (current) all seem to be ok too. I can’t help thinking DJI swapped suppliers at some point?

The unit still powers on and if I plug it in to my TV it functions fine, touch screen still works, etc. And if you hold it at the right angle you can see a faint picture on the screen, so it’s defiantly the back light that’s failed.

I bought my CSU for an extortionate amount of money from Abu Dhabi back in September 2017 when these things were rarer than hens teeth stuck in a pile of rocking horse shit. I got seriously stung on import duty too :roll_eyes:

Anyway, it’s served me well for 18 months or so across a few different Mavics and the Inspire too, but I can’t now imagine ever going back to a sub-2000nits screen - so I’ve opened a repair ticket with DJI :scream:

As it’s quite old now and it’s a non-EU spec unit, I’m not quite sure what to expect in terms of service and I’ve never sent anything to DJI for repair before so this is going to be an experience for me.

I’ll report on the progress from start to finish here :+1:t2:

Repair Timeline

Date Days Details
07/04/19 0 Repair request opened on
08/04/19 1 Pre-paid UPS shipping label arrived by email
09/04/19 2 UPS collected the parcel from me
11/04/19 4 UPS delivered to DJI in Netherlands
15/04/19 8 Automated email from DJI saying the CS had arrived with them
15/04/19 8 Email from DJI saying the backlight will be replaced under warranty
16/04/19 9 Email from DJI saying the CS has been repaired and will be dispatched shortly
16/04/19 9 Email from UPS saying they will deliver it back to me on 18/04/19
17/04/19 10 Text message from UPS saying they will deliver as planned on 18/04/19
18/04/19 11 UPS delivered the repaired CS back to me


Sorry to hear this @PingSpike, I’ve been holding back for quite a while now, although I’ve been pretty close to ordering one last week. I’ll be interested in the outcome, good luck.



It’s weird how you get attached to inanimate objects, I feel like I’ve lost a close friend!

I dread the day anything happens to my fine fettled MP. I might actually cry.



No mention of wife there @PingSpike :cry:

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Still pretty disappointing for something that’s not used as regularly as a phone or tablet.

I’d be gutted.



I went through this last summer… Very frustrating.

If you have stuff on the Crystalsky… You can place it under a bright light which should allow you to see the screen just enough to be able to use it. I did this to allow me to clear the internal memory and factory reset before sending it to DJI.



I plugged it in to my TV and fumbled my way through the touch screen to do a factory reset.

How long did it take them to repair yours?



I have retracted my finger away from that button that we “love and hate to press”.
I was so so soooo close that it hurts now that I haven pressed it…to the point I feel :face_vomiting:



You should buy two, then you have one to use when the other goes back for repair? :wink:



I tried that with the wife…:woman_zombie:



Hi Rich,
I shipped on a Monday via the free UPS (I think) DJI returns label… They had it 3 days later. Repair took 2 days. Then I had it 5 days later because of weekend in middle. Wasn’t too bad to be honest.
If out of warrantee, keep your eyes on the return for charges and get then paid ASAP to avoid delay.



Nothing worse than having to revert to using a phone or tablet after a Christalsky…

That said, does anyone notice with the Mavic 2 Pro that the live image on the Crystalsky looks slightly blurred, however it’s ok during playback on the SD card? Even in 720 or should look ok. The original Mavic looked sharper during live view.



Don’t suppose you can remember how long that email/label took to arrive?

I’m +24hrs since opening the repair ticket, still no email label…



I think about a working day…



One thing to note. When you send something back to DJI, once sent, you have no ability to influence the repair. All calls and chat is via international call centres or web chat centers who don’t have direct contact to the repair centre. They send web messages to the repair centre and add notes to the repair. It’s is completely 1 way, so you won’t get a response. Make sure you add a note in the box if you have any further instructions or issues to be resolved prior to shipping.



What, having two and sending one back when … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



When I was young and in “adventure and discovery” phase, had to send one back as she didn’t like the other one; couldn’t work out why, I was happy.:man_dancing: for a while

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Ah right, I won’t worry yet then :blush:

Good call - will do mate, thanks :+1:t2:



Pre-paid UPS shipping label arrived via email today, along with a link to click on to arrange a collection date with UPS. I’ve booked the collection for tomorrow.

Parcel packaged up and ready to wing its way over to Barendrecht, Netherlands.