My delve in to the world of the DJI Inspire


What’s a high altitude forced landing mate?


its an oh shit moment


I posed the very same question to digdat0, he said:

Just to confirm, 1,800 meters is 5,900 feet.

I’ll just leave that thought there for a moment…


Still gives you scope to win a height challenge. :+1:


A height challenge eh…?

Hmmm… :thinking:

Ahhhh, I’m only joking!

I wouldn’t dare fly above 1,750m



(To be clear, that last post was a joke)


I’ve been way above that!
I did take off at 2,500m tho. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@PingSpike, How is it going with your Inspire?


Yes how’s it going Rich tell tell
Because of you I have my eBay looking for cheap inspires now as opposed to a MP2 would love a look at one (hint hint) and a brew :grinning:


This shows all the hallmarks of turning into an Epic Saga. I admire your tenacity and know how. Keep us posted on how it goes.


We’re grounded at the moment mate!

The Inspire is currently in pieces…

Under going some cosmetic surgery at the moment :blush:

I mentioned above about my OCD not being entirely 100% happy with the vinyl wrap, especially on the batteries…

Hmmm… :thinking:

Sneak peak!

Yes, this is satin black spray paint!

But it’s just an undercoat / base layer :wink:

Another sneak peak!


Yes, that is water you can see :wink:

Details to follow another time - harvest season at work currently, busiest time of year - will share all the details and some proper photos when I can :+1:


Looking good Rich.
Waiting for next instalment!


Rich unless your a bird your not going to see all that detail…
Does look good though👍


Ok couldn’t find an emoji but hope this sums it up


Fair point Jeff :smiley:

I’m convinced hydrographics / hydro dipping is the future!

Unlike the vinyl wrap I made, the hydro printing gets in to every single nook and cranny, not a spec of the original is to be seen! Gone is the white battery casing completely, even the finger-grips are completely carbon covered :+1:

Anyway, enough of the teasers, I’ll do one of my usual write ups with 101 photos as soon as we’re done at work!


Looks really good bet it’s not cheap and can’t be done in the kitchen sink

Oh and what’s this 4 letter word you keep using…?

I think you said WORK am I correct


It looks brilliant so far great job that man.
I was going to say that looks like aqua graphics, I worked for the only company in U.K that did it. I was stock supervisor back in the early 90’s. We dipped for companies like Ford, Bush TV, Philips and many others.
The company went bust due an a£)(&@hole director. The process was automated but very labour intensive when changing lines due to one off gigs for every item.

I’m struggling to see mine well at distance and I’m debating whether to skin it yellow or not :thinking:


Yeah I’m afraid so mate… I work in agriculture, to say the workload is seasonal is a serious understatement :slight_smile:

Top tip, make sure it comes with batteries!!! They are sooooooo :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: expensive!! I shit you not, a new TB48 battery retails at around £180 quid :scream: They’re rare as rocking horse second hand too. All the second hand batteries on ebay have had about a thousand charge cycles too :frowning_face: So yes, if you are looking, make sure it comes with a few batteries :+1:

Sure thing! GADC members are always welcome round for a brew and a chat about all things drone related :smiley: Harvest ends this weekend, then I’ve got my first week off work since last xmas!! Seriously long over due…

So yes, any time after that Jeff, no probs mate, we’ll get something sorted :+1:


Dip it in yellow carbon? :wink:


Hmmmm … I wonder where you got that idea from? :wink: