My DJI Mini 2 custom propeller guards are off to print!

Hi all,

It’s been a busy start of the year for me work wise so I’ve not been enjoying the forum as much and miss you all and the banter!

But I thought I’d share these custom DJI Mini 2 propeller guards I’m printing for my beloved Mini 2. I will report back tomorrow how they look!

They only take an hour or so to print, but i’m tired so off to get my beauty sleep.

Sweet dreams.

Any chance you’d care to share the .stl over at:

Found any cool .STL files? Share them here

Sure thing.

So…here they are and they are brilliant. They fit across the motors perfectly. Nice and snug and I have absolutely no fear of them falling off or beaking. Small, light and compact. They are a but rough and ready as I printed them quickly for speed.

I went for PETG so they are a bit more weather proof but I can highly recommend them if like me you don’t have anything else suitable.

If anyone would like any printed let me know. I’d be more than happy to customise with your name too. Just send me a message. I have a selection of different filament colours in PLA, but if you wanted PETG it would habe to be black.

I think these would be good in TPU :+1:t2: a little softer on the motors maybe as well :+1:t2: although I would say that coming from FPV :rofl:

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I have some TPU. I’ll give it a try, that’s a great shout mate.

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TPU version done. Definitely better for the motors as soft and squidgy but the fit isn’t quite as good due to the flex. Good enough though for sure! Now on the mod them for my Air2S!

Maybe scale it down by 1% to allow for the flex :+1:t2: