My Dutch Barge on the River Thames

I decided to try the “track me” mode with my drone. However, due to the amount of steel in the build of Steel Away, the magnetic forces appeared to be too great for the drone’s GPS system so I had to fly it manually and, the heart stopping moment was when the drone refused to land back on board and I had to catch it in my hand. More practice needed!

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What a cracker! :+1: The video ain’t bad, either! :wink:

I was on a similar (smaller) barge last summer. I found the roof of the wheelhouse (on that one) was wood and worked well for takeoff and landing.

Thanks Ozone…Yes…the problem is that my solar panels are fixed to the wheelhouse roof with magnets! They played havoc with the mavic pro. :disappointed_relieved:

You’ll need to replace the bike with a landing pad, then. LOL!

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I usually carry my motorbike on there…think I need a bigger boat!

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