My first attempt at a pano


I was up at Castleton in the Peak District at the weekend doing a 16 hour Outdoor First Aid course. It was a good course and I now feel able to save lives in the great outdoors! Whoo Hoo!
On Sunday I managed to get up far too early and catch the sunrise over the Hope Valley. I used Hugin to stitch the images together, but I wasn’t entirely sure what I was doing. I need to get and do some more panos now. :slight_smile:

If anyone has any tips etc I’d be very grateful. Especially with other software, viewers etc.




Was that a full 360 pano? A bit difficult to tell. Doesn’t look quite tall enough.

Anyway - software - Mac or Windows?




Check out PT GUI on OSX, it does a great job (came as a reccomend from @OzoneVibe)

Autopano is also really good, but they have closed down, however (ahem) versions are still out there.


No it isn’t quite a full pano - looking at the globe in the software there was a section missing.


That’s a shame.

Were you using the Go4 app in full 360 mode? … there should be 34 images in total to be stitched.


I think not - I got 21 images


PT GUI is the stitching app.

I was wondering which app you were using to control the MPP …. hence the Go4 … different apps (Litchi, Hangar) produce different numbers of images to be stitched.

But 21 rings a bell for a 180 pano using Go4, not the full 360, so that ties in correctly.