My first decent go at a rotation view of the Pillbox on the River Chelmer, Chelmsford

Hi all,
Just a quick one - first post - of my video of a nearby pill box.



Nice rotation. Looks like a lovely area with the river and the canal.

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Good rotation. The adjacent river and canal are probably more interesting than the pillbox. Plenty of good reflections in the water.

Good job - nice and smooth :+1: :+1: :+1:

Hi, well done on your first post.
Nice and smooth rotation there, tricky to do isnt it.
Those cloud reflections on the canal are lovely, was this early in morning?

Have you got other footage that your going to use to make a video about it from or were you just testing your flying and control skills?
If it was me I would start with an establishing shot showing its location for example then fly in for a closer look and circle around.

Nice work mate! You could maybe do the same bunker again, and use the spiral quickshot option next time for a different view? Depending on local tree cover, of course! Or a vertical zoom?

Welcome to GADC too :slight_smile:

cheers, not a bad river area, some parts too close to a noisy A12 road

pls ignore the heart :slight_smile:

cheers, the shot was later afternoon. I was testing out my manual rotation movements on the sticks. Thanks for the advice, the fly in and circle will take some practice yet. :roll_eyes:

Cheers Nick2491. I’ll go see what the tree coverage is and see what I can do.

Hi great shot, where about’s on the a Chelmer is this?

Hi Wizo,

Called Cutton Lock, Google Map address: 51.739347, 0.523005.


Hi, sorry been a while since I have been here. Thanks for the feedback and advice. I was just testing flying and control skills. I may be nearing the level at which do more and have a go at your suggestion - thanks for that.


Thanks. I live in Southend and Im looking for places to fly.