My first ever drone flight!

I sneaked out of the house, drone in the jacket, controller in my pants. Arrived in the wilds of Northumberland in the last of daylight. -2°, hands freezing, cable contact to my S7 Samsung not the best and my dog somewhere.
@Nidge, you were spot on!! This lark could be addictive!!! Must resist, must resist!!!
No editing whatsoever just shortened a few longish clips.
For some reason it didn’t record to my sd card, RTH didnt work, neither did altitude sitting for RTH. Any ideas? Anyhow here is the master piece


In what way mate? Failed to return to correct spot or initiate RTH completely?

Initiating RTH. Weird but will try again tomorrow. Didn’t let me set RTH altitude neither!

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Were you trying on the app or controller?

If controller I think you need to hold the button briefly rather than a quick press.

Did you try this while connected to the drone?

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Exactly what the Mavic Mini was designed for.

Not sure I’d keep the controller in my boxers though… :rofl:

It is great fun, isn’t it :smiley:


@callum I tried on the controller, it lit up the RTH ON the screen but didn’t come back.

@callum, and yes, I was connected to the drone at the time

@PingSpike, oh yes my friend, a lot of fun and obviously highly addictive :grin::grin::grin:

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Looks like Ingo you had great fun on your first flight.
It always get the heart racing !.
Just a few observations, (not being critical) slow down your joystick movements, make them small, slow adjustments, it will make a hell of a difference to your videos.
Just practice basic movements with the front of the drone facing away from you.
When you have mastered the basic directions, turn it round to face you, remembering that all your controls are reversed !.
Keep up the great work, and enjoy your new found friend !.
At least you don’t have to take him for walks, it will take you !.


How far away was the Mini when you tried to initiate RTH?

In most cases if the drone is within a certain radius of the recorded home point its response is either to hold a hover or to land at that spot.



Successful first flight! Recommend you get a cheap folding H type landing pad. Worth every penny!


You’re probably right in saying that it wasn’t too far away from me.
Tried again today and it worked, so thank you!!
But, now it tells me that there is a "sd card malfunction " even so I changed it to a 32gb Sandisk today? I have no idea why? Even formatted it !!
Another prob is that I can’t find instruction, video on what the buttons on the small side under the antenna are for? ( probably me being stupid)

Nice video. The temperature is more like what I will be looking at (certainly at this time of year) - how much flight time did you get and how did the battery fair?

I did what I wanted to do, no idea how much time was left. Battery temperature was never an issue so far as I keep 2 in each trouser pocket.

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LOL,very practical, nice one.

Beware I have been caught by cloned cards before sold by alot of sellers out there, counterfit cards are everywhere.
If Tesco can get ripped off for a rubbish lot of petrol then they can sd cards as well !