My first ever Drone landing

All hands off…kind scary pushing the RTH button and waiting.
I took off from the mat so I think its fairly good.
Either I re write the code to enable more accuracy, put up with what was a very close miss or just buy a bigger mat.

Sorry if you’ve seen 100s of these before but even at 56 I was/am excited about this drone flying lark!!

I dropped the resolution to make it more web friendly


Two things:

What are you flying and does it have a Visual Positioning System (VPS)?

Secondly it’s easier to upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo and then post the url of the video on its own line here. No lose of resolution and any length you like.


wil place a box with your video in your post :grinning:

Great advise thanks. I’ll upload to you tube in future.

Holy Stone 700d 4k…I think the 4k option was a good shout. I’m really impressed with the non stabilised video. Good learning curve and hopefully I’ll improve.

Under £200 drone, I was really happy.


Your landing is dependent on GPS which is accurate to metres rather than centimetres. The drone will come back close to where it took off butit’s not spot on.

I quite happily use RTH and cancel the landing at about 20 metres height as it is coming into land and either hand fly onto the landing mat or bring it down to eye level and grab it from below and turn it upside down to kill the motors.

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I’m not criticising the landing at all. It’s all magic to me, press the RTH and it comes back. I’m so impressed. I own a Garmin I use to walk and 20m is impressive accuracy… when walking 20m is fine. If the cliff is close common sense says don’t step over the lip.

I was really happy it came back. Much easier than a puppy.

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I’m not knocking the landing either. Kit nowadays is highly impressive but, as with your Garmin / clifftop analogy it’s good to know the limitations. And that comes with practice - so get out there and enjoy yourself as well as learning all you can from here :slight_smile:

The first time you lose signal and the drone comes home on its own is also a great confidence booster!


I’m not not actually looking forward to that but maybe I am…hash tag squeaky bum

Thanks so much for your comments


For a sub-£200 drone without VPS and precision home point recording the return to home accuracy is more than acceptable.

I still fly a lot of drones which, even though they have GPS, lack the sophistication of more advanced models. And like @macspite I’ll use RTH but during the decent I’ll switch back to manual control to bring it back on the mat. This way the underslung cameras don’t stall out on bumpy ground and long grass.



So SWMBO decided to get me a new landing mat.

I think she may be extracting the urine


Make sure you land in the right place, keep out of the water? Very nice.