My first proper flight| - |DJI FPV - Over Hayling Island


My first proper flight with a drone, and my first rip over any body of water :grimacing: Such a windy day, but couldn’t not pass up the opportunity with such beautiful sunlight. Had loads of fun filming and editing this. Also the music was made by myself too.


Part of my daily walk! When was this? It would be good to see you down there one day.

Hey! I only go down once in a while to see my mum haha.

The first scene was just to the left of the RNLI station, and the other scenes where about 100m to the right of it :grin:

Now you know that goes against the Drone Code, as legally your first flight with a drone has to end with a crash. :grin:

Seriously though, a big well done :clap:. Not just the flight but the editing and the music as well.

Ahh you’re right! I must try harder next time :sweat_smile: