My first Tilt Shift Effect

Hi all

Just been playing around with Tilt Shift effects, my first try so let me know your thoughts, suggestions, etc.

I think it works for the shallower shots, the higher the angle I’m not so sure.
Is the blur fixed or can you adjust the fade?

@MementoMori the blur can be scaled. Premiere pro doesn’t have a preset for it but I managed to do it manually. I just used old footage I had but will get better at it with practice.

Can you feather it as well, it looks like it ends quite sharply in some clips.
I’m liking the shallow shots with the horizon in though, well done.

Yes i guess i didnt feather it enough. Its just using a mask on colour matte laters and compound blur effect. I’ll work on another one today and see how that turns out.

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