My latest efforts in getting used to my drone

First couple of times out was fine, no problem controlling it but realised it needed fine tuning both for smoothness of control, camera and camera settings.

So out this morning had gimbals tuned, sensitivity tuned, all settings I could think of tuned plus a 8nd filter on.
So I take her over the river and up to 400ft just to check for people, craft and buildings, so all clear I drop her down to 10ft, hit the button on top for video and cruise along the river until I hit max distance, then up and just exploring until batterie low.

Returned to home and ok it doesn’t land back on pad ( half on) but that’s ok, change batterie and away again over to apperley to get shot of clock tower on church, balls! Too far out max distance reached so just flew around taking vids and pics.
Three batteries later, lovely onto pad nice and central.

Successful trip thinks I, even had conversations with a few walkers and locals who had very positive and interested views towards drones.

Arrive back home and download to my pc only to find I have no videos only pictures plus all the pictures I took seem blurry ( missing detail ) never had this with my camera.

Conclusion, IDIOT! After pressing button on top for video I still had to press the right one to start recording ( feeling the shame of stupidity here).

I also had far better photos on my first attempts, these just lack detail, looking into that with power director and what I actually had set.

Drone controls in tripod mode I had set sensitivity to 0.20 but every time I check it has reverted back to default, I take it from this that I’m setting it wrong.

So not as a successful morning as I thought but more of a learning to add to the curve.

Trouble is it takes soo much devious planning to get the morning out (other half says I have to many hobbies :innocent:) it ended up feeling disappointed, but still here and ready to have another go, well! When batteries have charged. :slightly_smiling_face:

Rob, take a look in the "Members Only " area, you will find my post on Documentation called
"GADC Member Information Pack"
there is a Flight Manual for the Mavic Pro which may be of help having a print out of with you.
It will give a General Idea of the procedure to follow before a flight ,and after.
There are also other Documents there that you may have a use for.
I am now looking at Updating some of the items there, to bring them up to date.


Thanks Chris I have the checklist already printed, it was/is indeed very useful.:+1:
It’s more down to how I have the ‘internal settings’ for want of a better description, ie; camera settings relating to filter, and the fact that setting the sensitivity to whatever and it keeps reverting back to default, I guess that’s just down to learning what can be changed in each mode.
There’s a lot of settings for this bird :eagle: :thinking::slightly_smiling_face:

When you say it keeps reverting back to defaults, remember it will only take adjustments while the drone is switched on (I adjust mine ,without props, sitting on the table, fired up, then adjust the settings in the Go4 App, for Gimbal Pitch Speed, Yaw Speed, and also Camera Settings).
After it is switched off, the settings cannot be adjusted.

That’s what I did but then when I turn it on in the field it’s back to defaults, in T mode.?
Gimbal settings hold but not the others.

no!, should be in P mode when you do it, Tripod (T) mode has automatic settings, which as far as I know cannot be adjusted.
T Mode slows everything down anyway, so you should not need to adjust it.

Oookay! I just knew it had to be a newbie lurking problem.
Resolved ( I think) :+1: thanks Chris.

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Thanks @chrisjohnbaker hadn’t seen that one but checked out a few others as well and ( in the garden ) all’s well , now ready for field test when this bloody wind drops. :+1:

Youtube can be a useful learning tool, without having to take off !.
Studying videos can save a lot of time in button pushing, and guesswork when in the field.
Learning to get through the menus can save valuable flight time when your bird is at height.
So many people leave their drone hovering, then spend 5 minutes searching the Go4 App to get the settings they want.
I know, done it myself, several times, and have no doubt, so have many others too !. !.