My replacement drone due to error 10008 (black frames)

As is documented elsewhere both here on this forum and along with many other users on many other forums, I too have been suffering the dreaded “error 10008” issue when trying to export a project from iMovie or FCP, from my DJI Mavic Pro.

I replaced the supplied 16GB card for a 32GB SD card, then replaced that for a 64GB one, I’ve then replaced that 64GB one with a different brand 64GB just in case it didn’t like SanDisk. I even bought an Anker MicroSD reader in case it was a transfer issue.

I’ve changed every possible setting in the drone, shot in 2k7 and 4k, no matter what I do, this sodding error persists. Drives me insane. It turns a 10 minute video edit in to a two hour session :rage:

Today it finally tipped me over the edge.

While contemplating cashing in my DJI refresh, I took a punt and rang Argos (where I bought my drone) to see what my options were. I explained to the lady on the phone (UK call centre!) what the issue was and I said that I bought the drone three-months ago tomorrow, so it was 18th June vs 19th September 2017.

“No problem”, she said, “Would you like it collected?”

“Er… yes. Yes I would, thanks…”

“Are you home today?”, she asked.

“Er… yes, I am”… still slightly bewildered by a customer service department that was actually helpful :open_mouth:

“Ok”, she said, “We’ll collect the faulty one and deliver the new one before 10pm tonight.”

You’re shitting me, right? (was my initial thought) but no shit, I repeated this back to her and that’s exactly what she said.

So, I’ve just nipped in the loft and grabbed the box and put my drone it in. She said just make sure it’s secure, she didn’t seem bothered about the original packaging (although I still have it).

Not sure what’ll happen later as I’ve sold the DJI flymore case… So in the original box I’ve put just the drone itself. No memory card, no props, no batteries, no controller, no nothing, just a lonely looking drone.

I shall tell this to the delivery driver when they arrive later and see what they say, as I’m expecting them to bring me an entire boxed retail flymore package?

Anyway, thought I’d document my experiences here and provide a positive review of a supplier for a change :blush:

More news later :+1:


This email just arrived, along with a text message on my phone too:

Are you sure you weren’t just dreaming all this? :wink:

Lol, I’m still dubious, even now…

You know when something sounds too good to be true…?

Well, true to their word, an Argos van just turned up, collected my 3 month old faulty Mavic and handed me a shiny new one :+1:

Just waiting on the firmware update(s) to finish, bit too dark for a test flight now though :roll_eyes:

Need to transfer my DJI Refresh somehow…

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Omg god that is what you call service fantastic, I may have to take back what I said in another post regarding the memory cards I had issues with uploading but I put it down to the SanDisk cards, once I changed over to the U3 samsung it cured the problem ???
Well done to Argos.

So…are you now the proud owner of 6 intelligent flight batteries and a spare DJI bag?

thats amazing service!
even better the fact I’m guessing you have 6 batteries now?

Yeah it’s weird, Argos gave me an entire flymore combo box and only took away the Mavic itself!

I thought it’d be like a mobile phone replacement where they say take everything out, including the batteries.

So I now have three batteries, controller, mains charger, car charger, USB adaptor, smart hub, all cables, sandisk microsd card gimbal lock and cover, three spare props, dji bag, the works :open_mouth:

I’m not getting excited (yet) as I’m fully expecting a call or email from Argos when they open the box I returned.


  1. GO4 updated
  2. Firmware updates all done
  3. calibrations done
  4. Drone activated

Need to:

  1. Put all my settings back in (well, the ones that I can remember :roll_eyes:)
  2. Transfer my DJI Refresh
  3. Test flight
  4. Test recordings for any 10008 errors :rage:

Have I forgotten anything?

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This springs to mind…

@Ktm250 Possibly… I’ll leave it a month or two before I unbox any of it. Sods law they’ll write me a letter or something in four weeks time asking for a few hundred quids worth of accessories back!

So I’ve started the ball rolling on transferring my DJI Care Refresh to the replacement Mavic.

I sent the following email to last night:


My Mavic pro developed a fault and my local store replaced it for me.

Can you transfer my DJI Care Refresh from my old Mavic to my new Mavic please?

The order number for my Care Refresh is: x

Old Mavic serial: x

New Mavic serial: x

I activated the new Mavic yesterday.



Got a reply back 12 hours later (this morning):

Hi Rich,

Thank you for contacting DJI Care Customer Support.

Nothing to worry about. We would like to assist your request to transfer the plan to the new replacement unit. Kindly provide the following information.

Full Name
Contact Number
Proof of Return/Case Number

We will be waiting for your reply. We appreciate your cooperation.

Best Regards,


DJI CARE Customer Support

Tel Support: +1(818)235 0789 / Mon-Fri 7:00AM-5:00PM(PST)

Online Support:

I thought I’d post all this here in case anyone else does the same thing - so you know what details you’ll need to send to the djicare email address :+1:

For the “proof of return / case number” I sent them a screen shot of the email Argos sent me confirming the replacement (it had an Order Number on it). Hopefully that’s all they’ll need.

I’ll update this thread again when I hear back from them.

Went for a test flight this morning - no issues to report :smiley:

Current sit-rep:


  1. GO4 updated
  2. Firmware updates all done
  3. Calibrations done
  4. Drone activated
  5. Put all my settings back in (well, the ones that I can remember :roll_eyes:)
  6. Test flight

Need to:

  1. Transfer my DJI Refresh (pending)
  2. Test recordings for any 10008 errors :rage:
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First issue has come to light…

All my files are being named DJI_0001.MP4 and DJI_0002.DNG etc


Any ideas how I can roll this up to over 600???

I created 600x jpg files and copied them to the card, but it’s clearly cleverer than that :roll_eyes:

Just had an email back re DJI Care Refresh, they’ve transferred it to my new Mavic:

Interestingly enough, they’ve also reset the dates? I was expecting just nine months remaining but they appear to be starting a new Care Refresh from today.

I’m not going to argue :wink:


  1. GO4 updated
  2. Firmware updates all done
  3. Calibrations done
  4. Drone activated
  5. Put all my settings back in (well, the ones that I can remember :roll_eyes:)
  6. Test flight
  7. Transfer my DJI Refresh (pending)

Need to:

  1. Test recordings for any 10008 errors :rage:

Just the all important # 8 to try now!


And once again…
Well done

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I’m gonna play the lottery at weekend. Pick 6 numbers for us :+1:

4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42

Which may mean something to some people :wink:

Sorry, I’m ‘lost’…dunno what you mean.

Might give them a go though!

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D’uh! I clearly can’t read…

Those dates are 20th June, not 20th September (the day I transferred my Refresh).

So yes, they did only transfer the remaining amount of Refresh cover that I had, they didn’t start a new policy for me as I first thought.

Not that it matters now anyway, as this drone has since been returned too!! Now transferring the Refresh to a third Mavic. DJI Support are going to think I’m taking the piss.