My second movie


Im taking a little break from the drone for a while, as time is a commodity i just seem to have a lot of currently,
However i did manage to splice together some footage from the summer and i thought i would post.
This is only my second movie, but i really enjoyed making it, i just wish i had more time!

Drone movie #2


If you paste the YouTube link direct into the post, on its own line, it will display the embedded player.


Ahh yes! Thanks very much :smiley:


Very very nice. Hope to see more when your time (and weather permits)


Great job!!! Nicely edited!!!


Great vid!

My only comment would be the lovely corn colour seems to wash out between 2:45 and 3:01.

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Agreed! To be honest i had been trying to find a combine running, all over the back end of summer and this was literally one of the last if not the last one running in Herts. it was late in the day, the sun was low and was playing havoc with light levels.
There is probably something that could be done in post, but im not that skilled nor clever enough to know what.
Im quite critical of all my work ( not just filming ) and i can see lots of flaws, light levels, choppy/wandering panning etc but when all is said and done, everyone needs to practice a craft to get better.
As previously said im taking a little break away to focus on work, but hopefully i can pick this up again in the future, providing no new legislation comes into being in the interim.
Thanks all for your input and honest critque, its all welcome and appreciated! :smiley:


Love the video @Leveller.

My problem is my powerful desktop is buried in the spare room, and I mostly use my laptop, which doesn’t have the power to edit videos successfully. The desktop has Pinnacle Studio on it, so that’s a job for this weekend - dig it out, set it up and start editing my footage.

BTW, what canal was that ? My main reason for getting the Air was to take it on canal walks with my wife. We do 2 day trips away from East Kent to walk towpaths (nice and flat) and have seen some fantastic views and scenery which I want to capture on video.



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Hi Simon,

Thanks for the feedback!

The canal is the Grand Union Canal at Tring, the footage was shot at about 5:30am, hence why it was so quiet :slight_smile:


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Hi Colin,
Thanks, will try and get some footage this spring. We walked a section of the Grand Union near Milton Keynes, followed a fortnight later by a section of the Kennett and Avon. Hopefully we will revisit then with the Mavic Air and I can attempt to put together a video.



Im finally back again after a short break, hopefully to get some video on my travels over the summer. i noticed my link was broken so ill relink this again.


Welcome back Colin!

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