My Showreel

A video of most of my stuff over the years.
With various drones.
Phantom 4 ,Mavic 2 Pro
Mini 2
Mini 3.
Mini 4 Pro.
Im not religious ,but I do love a nice old church,hence the churches in my creation.


Great colours @Olly50 . I see a brief close encounter with a seagull too - a lucky escape? Can I ask what software you used to put this together?

What a great collection. Love the variety and the quality.

Nice one great video well put together

I recognise most of them apart from a few churches. I guess it’s not a mystery why we drone pilots all gravitate towards the same subjects and Shrewsbury and Llandudno are a few of my favourite places to visit and fly.

Great showreel and the colour grading is spot on. :+1:

Loving the dam shots, where’s my nearest dam :smiley:

Brilliant showreel, liked, commented and subscribe :+1:

Thank you.
Vn Editor on my Samsung tab s9 ultra.
And its free

Thank you, much appreciated

Thank you.

Thank you.



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Thank you.
Yes some beautiful places.

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Some great shots, loved it. Where were the dams and waterfalls. I need to visit them.

Hi Mark .
The Dams are Elan Valley, Clewedog dam.
The waterfall is Pistyll Rhayader. Both Wales
Stunning locations.
Thanks for you comments.

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Beautifully done, very enjoyable video :+1: :heart:

Cheers Mike.

Video is excellent, subject matter diverse and visually stunning, not sure about the music it gets better towards the end but thats just my personal taste. A joy to watch!! Thank you :+1: