My Trepidatious Third Flight

This is the third flight of my Mavic Mini filmed on January 4th. I was very nervous about the wind conditions on that day so deliberately kept the altitude low and the drone near. My camera work also wasn’t so great on this one, so there’s a fair bit of chopping up of scenes. It’s just another element of this that I need to get better at.


Those first few flights solo were definitely the worst … buttock clenching. Just dropping you some advice I’d move a little distance away from your car while flying. To the drone and controller your car is just a large metal box. That could cause interference. Wouldn’t want you to lose your new baby …

Canny first flight mate, i didnt fly mine further than 50m or so, maybe 10m up. You’re doing grand!!


Hey, this was one of the first videos I watched of someone flying the Mini. So, in a way, you were a bit of an inspiration for me to go and get on with it! :clap:


You both done the right things out of the box !.
Plenty of space, slow movements (correcting as you go) but the most important thing !..
keep it up and you will have a clean crash free time.

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That’s good to know, thanks mate

Hope there’ll be a time when I’m really good !!!

There will, just keep doing it step by step - I set myself flight targets for the first 10 flights - obvious things like controlling movement etc etc. I didn’t even take a photo or vid for these, just concentrated on watching the drone all the time as it responded to my controls. With the little mini, there is much to contend with at first but it will definitely become less “buttock clenching” as a wag wrote :slight_smile:

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Yes you are absolutely right in what you are doing.
Keep practicing different movements until you know how to do them without thinking.
I always tell people who I have shown that slow gentle stick movements are best, quick stick inputs could mean ending up in a tree ,or, against a brick wall.
I always advise anyone to do their first movements with the drones with the camera facing away from you, until you can control it without thinking.
Then ,turn the drone to face you, remembering that all stick movements are reversed !.
Keep practicing different movements until this becomes second nature to you.
(Not trying to tell you how to suck an egg here!,) but, it will keep you from doing stupid movements that would lead to a crash.
Every member who i have taught on this Forum (and that is several members now !) have always found this a good practice to do, right from the first flight.

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I don’t know if you are a biker (I am), but there’s a saying that covers this, “ride the ride you want to have”. It basically means don’t try and keep up with others if you are going past what you are comfortable with. Only you will know what constitutes “really good” and you should always fly to the standard that suits you and not someone else.

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The very best tip I had when I started was NOT to use your thumbs on the sticks cos they are clumsy !!! Use thumb AND first finger - jeez all jerkiness went and I could really feel the control in minute detail. The guy was a helicopter pilot who had been into drones for 25 years - jeez he could fly and still can. Now a lanyard with a Mavic pro tends to make you feel like a tit BUT I’m not bothered about holding the remote so its bang on easy. Try it sometime, it might just help.

Buttock clenching?

We’ve a badge for that:



We’ve a poll on that too :blush:

The results of which may surprise you:

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GREAT reply bud, peanut & coffee splatters all over my screen now :slight_smile: - I should have known you guys were WAY ahead and have a “badge” for everything lol