POLL: How do you fly? Thumbs only? Fingers and thumbs? 🤔

Just a bit of fun and some idle curiosity…

How do you fly? :thinking:

  • Thumbs Only
  • Fingers & Thumbs
  • I only use The Force

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And,sometimes,i little bit of “The force”…:wink::wink::+1:


Thumbs here too…

Tried fingers as well, didn’t feel natural if that makes sense?

I’m wondering if there’s a pattern… do people who fly RC planes use fingers and thumbs on the plane? And does that then naturally transfer to them flying drones? I don’t actually know, just a hunch :man_shrugging:

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I do both.

Pincher with taranis, just something I’m used to from days of RC helicopters.

Tend to use thumbs with the mavic as I dont use a lanyard with it and fine control is not really needed, the sticks are also too short.

DJI designed the mavic controllers to be more like a games console controller, probably feels more natural for those who grew up gaming.

Thumbs only for me. Not comfortable using fingers and thumbs with the ST16+ controller even with the neck strap.

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I think those that pinch tend to be lanyard users.
Never used one so have always been thumbs, even with bigger sticks.
With the ST16 I would have thought it too big for pinching, if feels massive when I switch from the mavic.

Thumbs all the way for me. Fingers on the sticks? I can’t even… :anguished:

Funny you should say that… have had a few people ask how easy my Mavic is to fly and my stock answer is that if you mastered the Banshee in Halo then flying a drone will be second nature.

And they said I was just wasting my life away on the Xbox! :wink:


I do use thumbs, but mainly use the side of the thumb against the sticks, not thumbs on top, as I find it gives me much more control when filming.


Yes I switch to the side when I want more control. I thought I was weird. :space_invader::wink:

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Thumb on top gives me better 360deg control leaves fingers free for other buttons and wheels, ( when I eventually find them :rofl:) intuitive.


I did a beginners session with an experienced flyer as part of the package when I bought my first drone. He taught me to use the side of the thumbs for extra control. One of the best things he taught me.

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Right, this might sound daft… but can we have a photo? I think I know what you mean, but before I invent a whole new way of using my thumbs giving this a go… :wink:

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To me that sounds like you would use the left of your thumb to push left and then the right to push right,? ( please correct me if I’m wrong in that assumption):thinking:
If that is the case you would have to release control to swap thumb to the other side, where as using end of thumb you keep control in any direction.
Would be interesting to see that method in action.


I am all fingers and thumbs when flying? Lol’s

I use it when panning and moving when using video to get a much smoother movement. Your right that when changing direction you to swap over!

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Thumbs for intentional actions. Fingers for accidentally touching other buttons, mainly suddenly pointing the camera downwards.


Fingers & thumbs comes natural to me - “Northern Thailand Nipple Tweeking Champ” - (well, according to my mrs anyway) :slight_smile:

Thumbs only! Fingers needed for taking pics, start/stop video, and other buttons/wheels.


Bumping this thread for @ziceman :wink:

I’m bad :roll_eyes: thanks mate, I was interested as I was watching a video and basically said pinch is the only way to hold a controller and started wondering I’m I really wrong and would it be better feel.

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