Naburn Lock (York) - Friday 7th February 2020

Little meet at Naburn Lock planned for Tuesday 4 February at Naburn Lock, just on the outskirts of York.

So far me, @Nige_T & @Brian are going to be there in the afternoon (exact time to be confirmed).

Not a great deal to see there, but its nice and open, its always been drone friendly and its more about the chat to be honest (and to get a look at Nigel’s Mini)

Anyone local and interested is more than welcome

Video from @paulmouncer a couple of weeks ago

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Meeting now plannned for 12pm on Friday 7th February, all welcome to join me, @Brian, @Nige_T and @paulmouncer.

Let me know and I’ll add you to the message thread / contact details.

@GADC_Committee can you of you please change the title to reflect the date change please ;o)

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Love the use of “What three words” to pinpoint our meeting point, really useful. see you there.

Great couple of hours flying, good to put a couple of faces to names too.

More photos to follow, cheers @paulmouncer, @Brian, @Nige_T (especially Nige for bringing and letting me fly the MM, awesome bit of kit in the flesh)

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Welcome & likewise Chris, good to meet everyone & a first time proper flying session.

Will see if I’ve got any decent footage / shots to share once I’ve sorted out the YouTube thing!

Look forward to the next one.

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A few shots from today (just the cache photos from my phone, tweaked a bit in snapseed)

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A fabulous afternoon for me as well. Great to meet you all

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Nigels MM. This bird flies beautifully, so smooth and amazing quality photos, and boy was it quiet and stable.

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Nigel with his MM,just to the left of the nearest chimney


Over view of Naburn lock area. What started out as a dull and foggy day turned into a sunny but cold afternoon. Good times.


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Great couple of hours yesterday, still learning!
Here’s couple of stills from Mavic Mini.

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