Nazgul ( New build) just flips out when you power it up

Im just about up and running with a couple of quads but seem to have similar issue with both…

The Nazgul ( New build) just flips out when you power it up, props are on and spinning the right way, tried to plug into BF but it wont connect for some reason…

The apex is fine if you power it left right back and forth but if you if apply the throttle it jumps up a foot or 2 and cuts out. Thing is Iv just bit the bullet and replaced the motors as I thought it might be those…

Has anyone come across this one ??

What version of BF? I’ve had issues with 4.3 and not having bi directional DSHOT turned on and ESC telemetry? Turning on telemetry solved the 2nd issue you were having.

I had a similar issue with my vampire 2.

Turned out the motors were spinning the right way but they were numbered incorrectly.

I reconfigured them with bl heli or betaflight (can’t quite remember) and it worked out fine.

I worked it out as the little drone picture on betaflight went up when I pushed down and visa versa.

After I sent the mail last night I remembered that I had indeed hooked it up to BF but an old version, therefore I think you maybe right in saying that I might be getting none connection issue due to it being 4.3 …

I think you may be on to something here mate, I did wonder about that but figured it wouldn’t make that much difference as long as the props were going in the right direction.

TBH that might be the problem I’m having with the Apex as well, I re-jigged it when I had it stripped down.

I will have to look into it tomorrow, have a look on YT for some vids on Bl heli and how to reconfigure the motors :+1:t3:

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Hate to be a pain but been searching on YT for vid to reconfigure the motors assignment and cant find out ?.

Am I looking in the right place as in BL Heli ? as theirs loads about changing the orientation of your motors but not reassigning them ??.

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With BH_Heli you can change lots of things (mainly in this case motor direction), but it’s the flight controller that tells which motor to spin. I believe BF 4.3 can reverse too now, and there is a wizard on it.

You can unmap a motor from it’s current location to a new one if needs be in the BF CLI (resource remapping).

BF 4.3 is ace at motor remapping… there are two wizards you can use… one to get the right motors in the right place and the other to get them going the right way.

Pre-BF 4.3 it was a pain.

You asked the same thing a while back Nick. You may have to resource map. Im at work at the moment so ill try to find your thread later. Unless you find it.

lol… I wondered why it sounded familiar :man_facepalming:t3:

Yah iv check YT again now you’ve jogged my memory :man_facepalming:t3:

Cheers mate :+1:t3:

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@BigDog you dont have to do that if your on Betaflight 4.3 you can usethe motor reorder wizard as per the below Bardwell video

One common mistake I’ve seen (cough) is to have the wrong receiver mapping set (cough cough). This can cause your quad to instantly go half throttle and full deflect on one axis, or so I’ve been told (cough cough cough)

Iv tried to down load but it says BF configurator 10.8.0 which Im already running, is this the same as 4.3 ???

If so I don’t have the motor reorder wizard on it?? so confusing :woozy_face:

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Dude. We’re cracking up :laughing:
Go to dfu mode and select your target and version. Do it via the configurator and you’ll be sweet

Mate im crap when it comes to pc honestly id be out of a job if it wasn’t for me admin girl …lol

The good news is im 90% sure reassigning the motors has resolved the Apex issue… just need to strap a pack on it and see how it goes…

Will look at the betaflight thing tomorrow… might take the Pc in and ask the admin girl to sort …lol … but big thanks to everyone for the support

We all need an admin girl to sort out our betaflight woes

I wish :sunglasses:


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I literally just re-ordered motors on betaflight by clicking the button marked re order.

I know Iv gotta sort my BF out when I get home, once Iv got everything up and running Id like to go through the JB vid above and set them up properly…