Nazgul5 not arming - help!

Hello, I have recently bought a FPV drone - the iflight nazgul5 V2 BNF - and I am having problems getting it set up. I have added a receiver in and have hopefully soldered it correctly and binded it to my Taranis X9 lite transmitter/radio, but betaflight won’t register the controller moving eg. The throttle and roll.
Could anyone suggest what I could do to get it working?

Try the Channel map. When I had this mine needed to be TAER1234 instead of AETR1234

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To add to Howard’s suggestion, also check you have the right UART selected in the Ports options and the correct receiver protocol (SBUS, PPM, SPECTRUM, etc) in the configuration window.


I’m sure @DeanoG60 @notveryprettyboy @Steviegeek or the other knowledgeable folks will be able to help with actual accuracy, but have you configured it in Betaflight? I’ve only done a couple of Crossfire setups, so im not sure if its different, but on the Ports tab, i had to select the correct UART and enable Serial Rx. Then in Configuration tab, under receiver, select Serial based receiver, and then the dropdown below, select which provider, for me it was crossfire, or CRSF

@Howard78 and @Nidge deffo had faster fingers than me haha

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What rx are you using?

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@Edward1 What RX have you added? And if you post up some screen shots of betaflight particularly the config tab and ports tab we’ll be able to assist better :+1:t2:

As I am a new user it will only let me send one photo per message is there a specific bit of those tabs you need to see?

My serial rx is on uart2. Because it’s a BNF drone this is what it was set up with to start with.

I don’t believe I have a crossfire. I think I’m using the FrSky archer rs that came with my transmitter

We need to know what make and model receiver is in the drone? Is it TBS Crossfire, FRSky XM+ as they will have a different configuration :+1:t2:

If it was a BNF (bind n fly) it would of came with a RX pre installed?

If it’s bought bnf then the details of the rx should be supplied when you bought it.

Was it new or used? Where did you buy it from?

This is what was set by the manufacturer is there anything else I need to select for it to work?

I Bought it from although I don’t remember any sort of instructions or directions in the box

You’ll need a lipo connected to see the tx affecting the rx

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You will also need to make sure your frsky archer rs receiver is bound to your Transmitter before anything will work in betaflight

It didn’t come with a receiver installed so I have put the FrSky archer rs that came with my transmitter

The red light is on because my transmitter has run out of battery but it is on green when the transmitter it on

Sorry I am very new to the fpv hobby are you possibly able to explain it in a way I would understand

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Here’s the manual for your receiver

ARCHER RS-Manual.pdf (460.3 KB)

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